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Sometimes it seems there are problems that are good problems to have. Such is the case with the recent announcement that Chinese bus manufacturer BYD Co. is planning to expand its UK production of electric buses to as many as 200 per year. They are also considering opening a new plant somewhere in Europe in order to keep up with rising demand for its vehicles. Our question is this: will PCV training keep up with increased bus production?

We are currently in the midst of a severe shortage of commercially licenced drivers. For both HGV and PCV training, cost seems to be one of the significant factors preventing more people from breaking into the industry. So now we face the problem of greater demand for local bus service that is struggling to be met by an industry that cannot hire drivers fast enough. It is a good problem to have in the sense that demand for local bus service is on the rise across Europe; it is a bad problem in that service cannot continue to expand if drivers cannot be hired.

You might be wondering why the HGV and PCV training cost in the UK is so prohibitive, especially given that it is a fraction of what most students will pay to attend university for four years. The problem is that would-be bus and coach drivers simply do not have the cash available to pay for training. They could repay at a later date if financing were available to them.

Various industry groups such as the Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association have been lobbying the government for years to get involved in commercial driver training through financing options, grants, and even subsidies. They argue that university students receive plenty of assistance for their educational needs, so commercial drivers should be given the same kind of help. Thus far the government has not been all that responsive to the industry’s demands.

We Train Bus Drivers

We are thrilled to know that the demand for bus service is growing enough to warrant greater bus manufacturing in the UK. We are also excited that BYD Co. is manufacturing electric buses that help to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport industry. We want to be part of the solution that helps train new bus drivers to work throughout the UK.

Our industry-leading training programmes teach future bus drivers everything they need to know to pass their tests and go on to enjoy long and successful careers. We cover everything from classroom theory to practical skills to driver safety. We are also an approved Driver CPC trainer more than capable of ensuring all of our new drivers meet the CPC requirements.

If you want to become a professional driver, we do not want the PCV training cost to be a factor. We work with Pay 4 Later to provide a financing option on all of our training programmes. Be sure to ask about it when you contact us for more information.


Bloomberg – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-10-15/byd-said-to-expand-u-k-bus-production-seek-new-europe-factory-ifrmy6av


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