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Private bus companies around the UK are fearful that the push for devolution could spell the end of their businesses in the future. If their fears come to fruition, it will not mean that local bus service will also come to an end. It just means that the old model of public bus transport will replace what is now primarily commercial. PCV training will continue, new drivers will be hired, and buses will continue running.

Fears of devolution have been sparked by a decision from Chancellor George Osborne last year (2014) that gave the city of Manchester greater control over local bus service. Some say the idea is to eventually apply that decision throughout the UK in order to give local authorities the power they need to regulate bus transportation as they see fit.

Success in Manchester could result in one of two scenarios. The first would be the gradual demise of the private bus industry thanks to increased prices brought about by private companies being unable to effectively compete. The other scenario would be a hybrid scheme in which public bus service would dominate, with private service supplementing where local authorities do not want to provide full service. Neither scenario is acceptable to private bus companies.

What would the demise of the private bus service mean to PCV drivers? Probably very little. Whether private companies or public authorities operate buses, they will need licenced drivers to drive them. Perhaps the only real difference would be that bus drivers would become public sector employees with potential access to better pay and benefits. If that were to happen however, and public authorities could not sustain all of the routes they originally intended, some of those drivers could become redundant. Conversely, private companies have the profit motive to keep routes going and drivers in their seats.

PCV Training with Us

PCV training will continue at the HGV Training Centre regardless of how the devolution issue goes. We are committed to always providing the finest training possible for our future bus and coach driving students. We know how important quality training is for providing safe and responsible bus service to the UK’s municipalities and private bus companies.

Our training includes preparation for the PCV theory test as well as practical skills training. Students learn about road safety, their legal obligations as professional drivers, how to avoid road hazards, and so on. Time spent behind the wheel is designed to teach them to handle a bus or coach skilfully in order to provide safe and reliable transport.

The HGV Training Centre offers affordable and convenient training at more than 45 facilities in the UK. New classes are regularly forming, so do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in PCV training to become a professional driver. We can have you trained and ready to look for work in a matter of weeks. Upon completion of all classes, you will be embarking on a rewarding career as a private or public sector operator.


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