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It’s that time of year again when police agencies start formulating plans to make the roads safer. Among the plans for 2015 are a group of HGV drivers scheduled to start cracking down on drivers this spring. A nationwide programme utilising unmarked HGVs will soon be under way on motorways and A-roads nationwide.

The programme is modelled on successful test programmes that ran last year in Sussex, Surrey, the Thames Valley, Warwickshire, and Hampshire. In those programmes, unmarked HGVs were sent out on the roads with two officers working together. The idea was to observe motorists for illegal activities, including texting while driving. The programmes identified more than 460 violations, including mobile phone use and seatbelt violations.

Why use an unmarked lorry for traffic enforcement? Because the higher position of a typical truck cab allows for a better observation point for officers. They can look directly down into most passenger cars, observing certain kinds of offences that would otherwise be secured by a dash or door. Using an HGV also allows officers a better view of other HGV drivers as they move down the road.

The 2015 nationwide programme is expected to follow last year’s test programmes in almost every respect. That includes the use of additional motorcycles and cars that will be dispatched to pull over offending drivers after officers in the HGV observe offending activity. The use of the extra vehicles allows the HGV to continue on its way without interruption.

Minding the Law

Professional drivers should always be minding the law regardless of the presence of police on the roads. However, this announcement is further motivation to avoid violations. The professional driver cannot afford fines, licence points and, in the worst cases, loss of licence. Any violation could severely damage a driver’s ability to earn a living.

The HGV Training Centre wants to take this opportunity to remind drivers of their legal and social responsibilities. As we tell our student drivers, the laws in place have been implemented for a reason. They are designed to make everyone on the roads safer, including the HGV driver, so that everyone returns home at the end of the day. Please do your part by observing and obeying the law at all times.

We are a leading provider of commercial driver training throughout the UK. As such, we operate more than 45 facilities providing comprehensive driver training for commercial licences of all classes. We can prepare you to drive a lorry, tipper truck, box truck, van, coach, bus, horsebox, or construction vehicle. We also offer training for forklift operators and non-professionals who regularly tow caravans, horsebox trailers, and light utility trailers.

All of our training includes a strong emphasis on safety and legal compliance. Rest assured that our drivers are fully prepared to drive safely and legally upon graduation from our training programmes. If you are thinking of a career as a professional driver, we encourage you to contact us right away.


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