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Here at the HGV Training Centre, we are extremely proud of the fact that our first-time pass rate across all of our training programmes is consistently above 90%. We know testing is the only way the government can determine if a driver should be given a commercial driving licence, so tests are the ultimate measure of whether we are succeeding as a training company. This applies to all four tests drivers must take, beginning with the LGV theory test.

The theory test is the first one taken in preparation for undergoing practical skills training. In fact, drivers cannot progress to practical skills training until they pass it. Therefore, we make a point of encouraging our drivers to prepare as best they can so that they pass the first time. We do not want them to delay their training by having to take repeat tests multiple times.

How should one prepare? The most important thing is practice. Every new driver will get an LGV manual that he or she can use to study from in preparation for the exam. But that manual only applies to one-half of the testing equation. Yes, it does provide the information the driver needs to know to pass the test, but it does not teach him or her how to take the test. There is a big difference.

What the Test Entails

The LGV theory test is a two-part exam that can be taken in a single session or separate sessions. In either case, both parts have to be passed within two years in order to remain valid. A driver who fails one part can sign up to take it again after three days. As for the two parts, these are as follows:

New drivers who do not test well will likely struggle with the LGV theory test without adequate preparation. We encourage practice tests as part of that preparation for one simple reason: practicing trains the student how to take the test so that there are no surprises on testing day.

For example, practice tests give the candidate plenty of opportunity to watch videos similar to what will be observed in the real thing. He or she will get to watch potential hazards unfold multiple times, learning how to spot the signs of a pending hazard in its earliest stages. As a result, he/she will perform better when it is time to take the real test.

Fortunately, drivers can take as many practice tests as they want. We wholeheartedly encourage doing so. We firmly believe that practice is the best way to prepare.


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