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If you like the sound of life out on the open road, there’s a good chance that HGV driving might be the career for you. Now, you may love driving your car and think you’re pretty good at it, however, when you become an HGV driver, you soon realise that the role demands personal qualities that not everyone possesses.

Do you possess them? Well, you first have to know exactly what they are – something we seek to help you with here. So, come with us now as we examine the personal characteristics and traits you’ll need to become one of the increasing numbers of people enjoying the freedom and good pay that’s on offer to HGV drivers in the United Kingdom.


Trait #1 – Independence

As an HGV driver, you’ll naturally spend most of your time with no one to supervise you. As such, you’ll need to be someone with a good deal of independence and the ability to use your own initiative. There will many occasions where you’ll be required to use your training to make important decisions that matter, so the capability to work on your own is vital.

Trait #2 – Good Interpersonal Skills

Once you arrive at your delivery destination, you’re a representative of the company you work for – so you’ll need to act accordingly. As the face of your company to that client, you should be courteous, helpful and personable. This is an area that’s often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be, as the last thing you want to do is leave a negative impression.


Trait #3 – Mental & Physical Fortitude

You don’t have to be superhumanly fit to be an HGV driver, but you do have to be in good enough shape to carry out your role. There’s no mistaking, the job can be physically demanding, as well as taxing on the mind. It’s all about ensuring that you’re giving your full attention and focus for the entire journey so that everyone remains safe.

Trait #4 – Good Reactions & Eyesight

Other obvious traits that are needed for HGV driving work include good eyesight and reaction speed, as they can literally represent the difference between a major road traffic accident (RTA) and being available to avoid one. Milliseconds count when it comes to reaction times, so you’ll need them to prevent loss of cargo, injury or even death.


Trait #5 – Great Time Management

HGV driving work is often highly time-sensitive, meaning that you’re under pressure to get your goods where they need to be by a certain deadline. This calls for excellent time management skills to ensure delivery times aren’t missed. Fail to do so, and your reputation and that of the company that you work for can be adversely impacted.


Have You Got What it Takes to Make the Grade?

As we can see, being an HGV takes a certain set of skills. The question is, do you have what it takes? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that training for the role is easier and more affordable than ever thanks to the industry-leading HGV driver training we provide at HGVT.


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