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If you’re considering becoming an HGV driver in the UK, you could soon be joining the increasing number of people who are making the career switch. But what’s the work actually like? How do you know if you’d even like it? It’s well-paid work, but you have to enjoy it right?

Well, with this in mind, we now take a brief look at what daily life is like as an HGV driver. Of course, HGV driving work can come in many different forms, but for our purposes, we’ll be assuming you’re in a Monday-Friday daytime role.


Early Starts – Get Used to Them!

One thing you’ll need to get used to as a regular lorry driver in the UK is early starts and long days! While not all lorry driving positions work to rigid daytime hours, those that do require you to get yourself up and out of bed early in the morning. As such, you’ll likely become a frequent partaker of a hot morning coffee or two.


Walk Around Checks

Something lorry drivers need to carry out every day are walk-around checks to ensure that there are no obvious issues and that you’re safe to head out. As part of your routine, these checks are essential and need to be documented, meaning a small portion of your day will involve filling out the necessary paperwork.

daily-walkaround-checks-with-HGVs- HGVT

Loading & Unloading

Another major part of the job of an HGV driver is loading and unloading. Depending on the firm you work for, you may be responsible for the whole task, although, in many cases, you’ll only be required to ensure that all cargo is properly secured and safe to transport. Don’t worry if you’re a lady joining the sector, you don’t need to be amazingly strong – just proficient & safe.

Securing HGV - HGVT

Taking Mandatory Breaks

In the name of road safety, UK lorry drivers must limit the hours they spend on the road. As such, they’re only allowed to work 9 hours on any given day, which can be increased to 10 hours twice a week. Drivers must take mandatory breaks within certain periods too – with everything being monitored and documented digitally by a tachograph.


Does the HGV Driver Life Appeal to You?

There’s a high degree of regulation in the HGV driving industry, but the freedom and great pay it provides are certainly appealing to ambitious professionals. A great deal of investment is about to be put into truckstop facilities by the government too, so conditions are set to improve significantly in the coming years.

We’ve only touched upon what life is really like as an HGV driver, but hopefully, we’ve still been able to demonstrate that it’s an interesting role that should appeal, regardless of your sex, age, or previous experience. Anyone can train for the role, and if you have the right personal qualities, it could represent your dream career.

If you’d like to know more about how easy and affordable HGV training is, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


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