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A little after 7 am this past August 21 (2013), an HGV driver stopped at the Hartshead Moor Services station at Brighouse. After beginning the fuelling process, the driver smelled smoke and noticed a fire had started in his vehicle. Rather than abandoning the scene, the quick thinking driver disconnected the pumps and moved his HGV to a safer area.

According to Brighouse fire officials, the driver’s decisive actions likely averted a potentially serious fire. Had he not moved his vehicle the fire could have spread until it eventually engulfed the entire pump area. There’s no telling the type of damage that could have resulted from such a large-scale fire.

Media reports did not go into any detail regarding the type HGV or the cargo being carried. That makes it difficult to say whether the driver had training in hazardous materials or not; training that would dictate his decision-making process. Regardless, he knew enough to take his vehicle to a safer location.

Fuelling Can Be Dangerous

One thing that all HGV drivers learn during their training is that fuelling can be dangerous under the best of circumstances. Fuel puts off combustible fumes that can easily be sparked by literally dozens of sources. Drivers are taught to use the utmost care whenever they are around fuel pumps.

In this case, the story had a happy ending thanks to the quick thinking and reaction of the HGV driver. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Fuelling accidents do occur from time to time – accidents that result in injury and property damage. The Brighouse incident is just a reminder of how careful drivers must be at fuelling stations.

Get the Best Training

In order to become an HGV driver, the quick thinking hero in Brighouse had to undergo HGV training and testing. He likely began by applying for a provisional entitlement allowing him to train on his full car license. After completing his practical skills training, he went on to take, and pass, his practical skills test.

Whether a driver receives his HGV training in Argyll and Bute, Somerset, or Wiltshire, the HGV Training Centre has a facility ready and waiting to provide everything he needs. We offer comprehensive driver training for all types of vehicles including:

What’s more, we offer our training to both individual drivers and entire companies. We might remind fleet managers that CPC driver training for PCV licence holders must be completed by September 10 this year. HGV drivers must complete their training by September of 2014.

We offer complete CPC training for fleet drivers in a variety of sectors. If your company has not yet begun addressing this issue, there’s no time to lose. The deadline will be here faster than you know it. As for new drivers, your CPC training will be included in your package. Contact the HGV Training Centre today to get started.


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