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A new eco tax going into effect in France will directly affect any company that operates HGVs in that country. The tax has already been tested in a pilot program, but no one expected it to be withdrawn once it was implemented. When it takes effect fully it will be especially harmful to foreign companies that use French roads for transit to Spain, Italy, and other countries.

The new tax will affect every HGV in excess of 3.5 tons travelling on French trunk roads, departmental roads, and motorways. The tax has already been in effect since June on some secondary roads. It will be fully implemented across France from October 1st.

On that date, HGVs will have to be fitted with an electronic device that will record mileage and compute the tax. The tax will be charged for every kilometre travelled on affected roads. According to agricultural sector representatives, the tax will be most harmful to them.

Irish agricultural exporters, who are among the biggest opponents of the new tax, say the French government must take action to reduce the ever-escalating cost of driving on the French road system. In their own country, they suggest levelling the field by reducing the annual HGV tax from £2300 to £900 and implementing a similar eco tax.

HGV Drivers Unaffected

New taxes and fees are never good news from a business perspective. Yet there is good news in the fact that HGV drivers themselves will be largely unaffected as long as they work for a company. Their employers will pay the taxes, then pass those costs along in consumer pricing. The driver will not pay out of pocket unless he is an independent operator.

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