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Now that the driver CPC deadline has come and gone, it is assumed that professional drivers operating HGVs and other large commercial vehicles have received the 35 hours of mandatory training to remain in compliance with the law. Enforcement efforts will now be engaged in the same way they were last September at the turn of the PCV deadline. That should not be a problem according to a report from HGV UK. The report suggests that most HGV operators have met the deadline to receive training.

All training was to be completed among acquired rights drivers no later than 9 September 2014. That means drivers not in compliance would be driving illegally as of September 10. According to HGV UK, official figures show that approximately 664,000 of the UK’s professional drivers had completed training by the deadline. The number of actual licenced drivers has been estimated to be no more than 675,000. On the bright side, it appears that only 2% have failed to complete training.

CPC training consists of 35 hours of classroom work designed to bring drivers up to speed in terms of the law and best practices for commercial driving. Certification is good for five years, with the driver certificate expiring at the end of the fifth year after it was earned. Sometime during that fifth year the driver must undergo an additional 35 hours of training in order to earn a new CPC certificate.

The CPC requirements for commercial drivers are nothing new in the UK. Drivers and industry operators have known for years that the deadline was coming. What’s more, the UK has been aggressively urging companies to make sure all of their drivers have been trained in anticipation of the passing deadlines. It is generally assumed the 2% of drivers that have not been certified are planning to retire or switch careers.

If you are an HGV driver and you have not yet completed your training, be advised that you could be fined up to £1,000 if you are caught driving without a certificate. You can also lose both your licence and your job.

We Offer Driver CPC Training

The fact that the two deadlines have now passed does not mean that all driver CPC training comes to an end. On the contrary, this is a form of training that will be perpetually offered now that it is law. Drivers who completed training in 2014, for example, will need to undergo a second round of training in 2019. Those who were trained in 2009 are already due for their next round of training before the year is out.

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The HGV Training Centre can provide driver CPC training to both individual and company drivers. We offer training at more than 60 conveniently located facilities around the UK. Please contact us for more details about our classes, the start dates, and the cost. We also offer affordable and comprehensive training for commercial driving licences of all classes, again for both individuals and company drivers.


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