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Despite the support among many groups for a separate Scotland, one group that may not be in favour are independent HGV drivers. Should Scotland decide to separate from the UK, those drivers could face a potentially crippling increase in the cost of doing business in the rest of the UK.

HGV training costs would not necessarily go up, but independent drivers and haulage companies in Scotland would be forced to pay road use fees just for the privilege of driving UK roads. That doesn’t even account for individual road use levies charged at the local level as well as other fees and charges the industry normally incurs.

The potential problems stem from new regulations that go into effect next year for all haulage companies operating in the UK. New fees will be assessed in order to maintain roads and repair damage done by HGVs. Nevertheless, thanks to other taxes and offsets, UK-based drivers will see little or no actual increase in their annual cost.

If Scotland gains independence, their HGV drivers will not have the benefit of those other offsets. Both individual drivers and companies will be forced to pay fees of £10 per day – up to £1,000 annually. Moreover, the worst part is that Scottish companies rely on business done in England and the rest of the UK in order to remain viable. Either way you look at it; this is not good news for an independent Scotland.

One other potential problem comes by way of license and MoT management. Scotland would have to set up its own agency to cover an estimated 3.7 million drivers. The costs of setting up the agency would most definitely be passed on to individual citizens and businesses that use any sort of vehicle transport.

A Driving Career

The separation question aside, a driving career with an HGV or PCV license is an excellent choice for people who do not like the idea of sitting in an office or working in a manufacturing or trade environment. Being a commercial driver lets you get out on the open road every day.

Make no mistake; being an HGV driver does require self-discipline and motivation. It also requires a tremendous amount of responsibility. When you get behind the wheel of such a large and heavy vehicle, you are expected to watch out for the safety of others and the best interests of your employer. HGV driving is not for the careless.

The HGV Training Centre prides itself in offering the best training for UK drivers. Our HGV training costs are reasonable, our training approach is effective, and we offer our clients complete assistance from start to finish. All you need to do to get started is contact us right away.

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