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The Caravan club routinely answers questions from members throughout the year, sometimes by publishing those answers in their monthly newsletter. Every spring they see in increase in the number of people submitting questions about the trailer driving test and what it entails.

Because spring marks the time when many people begin making their summer holiday plans, it makes sense more people would be asking about trailers during these months. The good news is that the answers to most questions are fairly straightforward. We have listed some of the more common questions below for the benefit of our readers.

Do I need a special license tow a caravan?

If you earned your category B license prior to 1997, you’re probably okay driving a car or pickup truck towing a caravan. However, certain restrictions do apply. Anyone who earned their category B license after 1997 must acquire the +E entitlement. Trailers in excess of 750 kg usually require a category C license.

How do I earn my B +E entitlement?

The simple answer is that you take and pass a practical test. However, this is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Moreover, since that test can cost upwards of £100 it would be foolish to sign up for the test without undergoing some training first. Training with the HGV Training Centre can be accomplished in just a few days.

What does the trailer driving test involve?

The test for your B+ E endorsement is a practical test only. You are not tested on theory because you already passed that written test when you earned your category B license. The practical test involves two components.

The first component has to do with vehicle safety. The tester will observe as you do a full vehicle inspection prior to operating the vehicle. There are certain things you have to look at including tyre pressure, mirrors, and lights.

The second component is the behind-the-wheel test in which you will have to demonstrate competency in turning, manoeuvring, reversing, and braking. You will also have to demonstrate you can properly hook and unhook a trailer.

Can I take my test at the HGV Training Centre?

Unfortunately, we are not certified to give you your practical test. However, we do take you through a mock test at the conclusion of your training to make sure you are ready for the real thing. In order to be tested you will have to set an appointment with one of the testing centres located in various locations throughout the country.

What will I need to take my test?

When you arrive at the testing centre, you will have to have the proper vehicle and trailer outfitted with the appropriate “L” license plates. You will also have to provide the tester with proper identification and are category B license. Vehicles and trailers must meet specific requirements for safety and operation before they can be used for testing. We can fill you in on all the details when you train with us.


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