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Just about every weekday when the weather is nice, you will find people at driver testing facilities going through the car and trailer test required for towing cargo trailers and caravans. It is a test we have been using in the UK for years. It is also a test that is not necessarily easy to pass if you do not go through a good training programme beforehand. That’s why the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) strives to provide the best training course in the UK.


As one of the largest and most respected providers of driver training, we understand how important training is before taking any test. Just as an IT worker goes through training before being hired to install fibre optic networks, drivers need to be trained before they are licenced. This includes drivers who own trailers.

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Your goal, as a trailer owner, should be to acquire the best possible training at the lowest possible price. That is not to say that a cheap price is all that matters; it’s not. It is more important that you look at value. Simply put, what kind of training will you receive for the money you will be investing in it? The HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is proud to say that our trailer towing courses offer maximum value across the board.

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We Focus on the Test

It is true that the things we teach in our trailer courses will benefit drivers for the rest of their lives. But make no mistake, the primary focus of our training is the car and trailer test students will take upon completion. Indeed, is that not what training is all about? It is about preparing drivers to take and pass the necessary tests to obtain a Category B+E or Category C1 licence.

There is a specific body of knowledge and associated physical skills that go along with taking and passing the car and trailer test. Rather than burdening our students with knowledge that is not needed for the test, we focus solely on only what is necessary. Any remaining knowledge and skills can be acquired during subsequent remedial training or through practice once the driver has his or her licence. This philosophy enables us to do several things:

Please be assured that we do not force any student into a testing scenario if he or she is not ready for it. We say inexperienced drivers can be ready to go in as little as five days, but you can take longer if you need to. There is nothing that says you absolutely must take your test after five days of training.

How We Measure Value

Value should be the primary factor in your search for the best training provider in your area. As we stated earlier, we believe the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is a company offering value that is hard to beat. We measure value, in the grand scheme of things, by how many of our students go on to successfully pass the car and trailer test the first time.

We are proud to say that more than 90% of our drivers are successful in this endeavour. By contrast, the average pass rate throughout the UK averages between 65% and 70%. It is clear that our results speak for themselves. Having said that, the value we offer goes above and beyond just first-time pass rates. We also invest ourselves in our students 100%. Those who train with the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) experience our quality and value through the following:

We realise that sometimes financing training can be challenging. That’s why the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) works with Pay 4 Later to provide a financing package on every course we offer. Be sure to ask about financing when you contact us.

Find the Training Centre in Your Area

Still not convinced the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is the place to find the best car and trailer training in the UK? Well, we have one more fact for you to consider: we operate more than four dozen training facilities around the UK. We have training centres near and around every major metropolitan area, so there is likely one near you regardless of where you live or work. You can follow the appropriate links on this website to find a training centre close to you or contact us on our freephone number and ask.

We have been in the training business for decades. Over that time, we have followed a purposeful plan of expansion with the understanding that making training convenient to our students is one of the things that would separate us from the competition. Our development plan has remained in force ever since our earliest days. The HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is always looking for new opportunities to expand for your convenience.

Are you planning to take the car and trailer test in the future? If so, we hope you will consider training with us before you book. Between our high-quality training programmes, administrative assistance, pricing, and convenient locations, we believe we offer the best value in the UK. Put us to the test to see for yourself. You will be more than pleased with your experience. More importantly, you will have that coveted car and trailer licence you worked so hard to get.

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