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With the cost of train fares going up and up in ridiculous fashion, and with a family or group of friends to think of when going on holiday, sometimes driving is the only cost-effective way to get out and about. But driving on holiday doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are places in Britain that really deserve to be seen by road, with beautiful scenery you can stop and admire on your way to your accommodation where you can spend a glorious few days in the countryside. Whether you camp in tents, take a caravan, find a hotel or rent out a holiday property, you can have a wonderful time this summer without even having to leave the country.

Here are some of our recommendations for a summer holiday drive in the UK.

The Cotswolds

With their rolling hills and meadows, and quaint historic villages, the Cotswolds are a favourite holiday spot particularly for those living in London. It’s an easy drive to get there, and a  beautiful drive if you’re exploring the area in car or minibus. Once you’ve arrived, you can go on long walks, stop off at village pubs, and live the country life just a short drive from the capital city.


The Yorkshire Dales

It’s called ‘God’s Own Country’ for a reason, and that’s because of the dramatic landscapes and massive expanses of untouched land that make up the Yorkshire Dales. Choose between peaceful scenes or wild landscapes, punctuated by rivers, waterfalls, farms and villages. Dry stone walling is a skill you’ll see lots of evidence of in this part of the world too.


The Lake District

It’s not just the many different sized lakes with their unspoilt shores and calm swimming conditions that you can explore in the Lake District, but the many scenic hills and roads that go through them. The weather can be very changeable out here but that only makes for some even more exciting drives. Camping is very popular when in the Lake District, with lots of little sites catering to people who want to get away from it all and just spend some time sailing and swimming.


Devon and Cornwall

With their southerly position in the UK, Devon and Cornwall enjoy slightly warmer temperatures than the rest of the country. It might seem unlikely in a nation so small, but it really is true. This is why you’ll see the type of trees down here that you won’t find in Scotland, for example. Then there are the beautiful beaches, the quaint fishing villages and the many places to go cycling in the surrounding countryside. Driving around this area is a break in itself, with peaceful sea views and lots of greenery if you pick the right time of year.


The Peak District

There’s a clue in the name when it comes to what you can expect from the Peak District. Hilly peaks characterise this area, with the so-called Dark Peak in the north where the moorland can be found, and the White Peak to the south where there are limestone valleys and many of the towns and villages. Driving around the Peak District is a dramatic treat, with spectacular views of a beloved national park.


Before you set off

Of course, before you head out on a driving holiday, you need to make sure you have the right licence. Minibus driving can be a particularly tricky one when it comes to licensing because the type of Minibus licence you need depends not so much on the vehicle you’re driving but on the way you plan to drive it. We’ve got an entire guide on the finer points of minibus licensing, so check it out before you plan to take your loved ones away on a driving trip this summer. 


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