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Also referred to as a teleporter or a boom lift, a telescopic handler (or telehandler) is a piece of heavy machinery used both in construction and farming. They’re extremely useful for moving heavy loads, particularly in areas where forklifts can’t access. Being a telehandler operator can be the path to making a good living, with salaries in excess of £30k per year not uncommon and here we look at why training now could be a great move.

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A Great Time to Train

If you’re thinking of a career change, now is just about the right time of year to train as a telehandler operator, as it’s not too long until the construction industry wakes from its Winter slumber. This means that there’s going to be an abundance of telehandler opportunities presenting themselves in the near future and the good news is that if you start soon, you’ll still have time to complete your training in time before that busy period kicks in.


How Do I Get Trained Quickly?

Getting trained is pretty simple in that you just need to book yourself on a telehandler operator course with a reputable driver training company. At HGVT, we operate a network of over 60 HGV and CPC driver training centres across the United Kingdom, so you’re not likely to be far from one, wherever you are in Britain. Booking’s easy too, as you can so online or by phone, arranging it for a time that suits you.


How Much Does Telehandler Operator  Training Cost?

Well, it costs less than you might think, as you can get started with our cost with just £10. When you consider the earning potential that this opens up to you, it’s a small price to pay. The course can be completed in as little as 5 days, start to finish and when you’re done, you’re ready to start applying for telehandler operator jobs.


Here Before You Know It

With frost on the ground and snow in the air, it’s hard to envisage Summer coming right now, but it will be here before you know it and you could be earning upwards of £15 an hour In London, Manchester or Birmingham. Salaries vary from city to city, but not by a great deal, so wherever you are in the country, you’ll make a good living as a telehandler operator.

You’ll also need to factor in some time for building your experience by doing some part-time jobs on smaller works so that by the time the peak of the season comes around, you’re ready to take advantage of the telehandler operator opportunities that come up.



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