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While HGV training in Cumbria can prepare you for many things, it is not likely to prepare you for what happened at a Penrith truck stop on the morning of July 25th (2013). A lorry loaded with whisky was hit by thieves who attempted to steal the load in the early hours of the morning.

According to In Cumbria, the attempted theft occurred at the Mardale Road truck stop; apparently, while the driver was sleeping. The thieves pulled up with a trailer that had been stolen elsewhere, cut through the canvas covering the whisky, and transferred pallets from the victim’s lorry to the stolen trailer.

The thieves managed to transfer £120,000 worth of booze before being disturbed. Though In Cumbria did not state the source of the disturbance, whatever it was scared of the thieves off, leaving the stolen trailer and whisky behind.

Police are currently investigating the attempted theft. They are asking for help from anyone who might have seen anything suspicious.

Always an Adventure

Those of us here at the HGV Training Centre are pleased to know the attempted theft failed and no one was injured. This is one of those cases where you count your blessings and move on. That being said, the story is proof that the life of the HGV driver is one full of adventure.

These types of incidents are rare, mind you, but they are part of the game. And in fact, the adventure of the open road is one of the things that attract drivers to the profession. Driving a lorry offers the opportunity to enjoy the open road, meet all kinds of people, and see the country. Best of all, you do not have a supervisor hovering over your shoulder every minute of the day.

Driver Responsibility

Along with the adventurous lifestyle, driving HGVs comes with a certain amount of responsibility. As we tell all of the drivers receiving HGV training in Cumbria, the professional driver is operating a large and heavy vehicle that can easily become a weapon if misused.

HGVs are challenging because of their size, weight, and raw power. Learning to operate these vehicles safely is paramount to the safety of all drivers on the road. We take that very seriously at the HGV Training Centre.

When drivers finish their training with us, they are more than capable of providing safe and efficient service to the road haulage industry. We train drivers for articulated lorries, heavy construction equipment, box trucks, buses and coaches, trailers and even forklifts.

The process is simple: pass a routine medical exam, apply for provisional entitlement, pass the theory test, and sign up for practical skills training. When you are ready to take your practical skills test, we will even send one of our professional trainers with you.

Whether you need HGV training in Cumbria or at one of our other 45+ facilities around the UK, we are ready to get you started right away. Contact us if you are interested in a new career as a professional driver.


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