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It’s that time again; the time when the world’s best truck drivers get ready for the biennial Scania Driver Competitions held at various locations around the globe. The international competition has become the stuff of truck driving legend since it was first established in 2003.

Sponsored by Swedish truck manufacturer Scania, the original intent of the competition was to foster an environment conducive to increasing professional driver safety through education and training. The inaugural competition drew only 18,000 participants, according to Scania’s Mikael Person. The company is expecting upwards of 85,000 for this year’s competitions. Person told HGV UK they have already seen 500 pre-registrations in Germany alone.

The focus of the 2014 competition is demonstrating the ability to stay calm while handling surprise situations. According to Person, truck driving is more than just moving a commercial vehicle from one point to the next. There are many things drivers must pay attention to that have little to do with acceleration, braking, or steering. Handling road crashes is but one example.

With so much to concentrate on, it’s easy for commercial drivers to succumb to the stress of surprise situations. Scania hopes to encourage training companies and those involved in the haulage and transport industries to adopt programmes that will address these types of things. If a driver can be trained to remain calm even under great stress, he or she will be much better equipped to handle emergencies.

Truck drivers interested in participating in the 2014 Scania competition can find more information by visiting the company’s website. It has a dedicated page specifically for the competition, along with the drop-down menu for drivers to choose their country of origin. Competitions will be taking place all around the world throughout the summer months.

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You can begin truck-driving training right away as long as you possess a full car licence. You just need to pass a routine medical exam and apply for your provisional entitlement. Ring us for more information.


HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/03/27/scania-driver-competitions-on-horizon/


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