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Ifor Williams Trailers, arguably the UK’s leading trailer manufacturer, has said customer response to three new models has heightened company expectations for the coming year. The Corwen-based company recently introduced a brand-new horsebox with living accommodations, a fully equipped business trailer, and one of the biggest livestock trailers on the market.

Ifor officials have said the buzz among distributors indicates the new products will be an instant hit once they go into full production early next year. What’s more, the fact that the three trailers are new products means the company will be hiring new workers to run three new production lines. Currently the company employs some 500 workers across manufacturing and administrative operations.

According to Ifor’s Andrew-Reece Jones, his company is expecting a flood of new orders based on the positive reactions from their distributor network. Their products are currently exported to 20 different countries all over the world, including the United States. They are one of the most recognised names in trailer manufacturing in the UK.

Trailer License Questions

Companies and individuals planning to buy a new Ifor trailer should pay attention to UK licensing requirements. A special trailer licence is required for any driver who passed his or her initial driving test after 1997 and whose vehicle/trailer combination exceeds certain weight limits. Those who passed their initial driving test prior to 1997 will likely be able to tow the trailers without an additional licence endorsement.

Owners and operators should obviously check with the government to be sure about their legal requirements. Details regarding the trailer licence and weight limits can be found at the GOV.UK website.

The HGV Training centre recommends trailer training for every driver, regardless of whether or not an additional licence endorsement is necessary. Remember that towing a trailer can be very challenging even under the best of conditions. Towing horses and livestock can be even more challenging due to the nature of the cargo. We believe that in just about every case, proper training goes a long way toward keeping everyone involved safer.

While we are here, we also want to remind caravan owners of their need to receive annual training as well. Keep in mind the spring caravan season is approaching more quickly than many of us expect. Already the various caravan shows are starting to show up around the UK, and news reports say sales are brisk. Whether you already own a caravan or plan to buy one this spring, be sure to take one of our training courses before hitting the road.

The HGV Training Centre is one of the leading providers of driver training in the UK. We provide comprehensive training for the trailer licence as well as licenses needed to operate HGVs, LGVs, PCVs, articulated lorries, coaches and buses, construction equipment and more.

All of our facilities are staffed by trained professionals who are the best at what they do. Moreover, with more than 45 training centres around the country, there is likely one close to you.


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