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The London Stock Exchange (LSE) just published its inaugural list of the UK’s most inspiring companies; companies that have demonstrated financial positive growth within the previous year, accompanied by an increase in contracts, occupied space, workforce or patents.

Rochford-based bus company, Stephensons of Essex, had no idea they were on the list until after it was published. Nonetheless, they were pleasantly surprised to receive the recognition. It’s not often that smaller, local companies make lists like these if, for no other reason, than the fact that they have virtually no name recognition. Yet the company earned its place among 1,000 of the UK’s best-known businesses.

Stephensons of Essex operates the former Burton Buses depot at Haverhill, Suffolk. The company provides local bus service in Essex and Suffolk as well as chartered buses and coaches seating from 49 to 90 passengers. Company spokesperson Bill Hiron says Stephensons’ inclusion on the LSE list is a testament to the hard work of each and every team member.

For their part, the LSE says more needs to be done to recognise companies like Stephensons of Essex, given that small businesses of this type are the backbone of the UK economy. They are the ones adding jobs and keeping the UK moving. If they follow through, we can expect similar results from future LSE lists of most inspiring companies.

A Great Career Choice

Companies like Stephenson’s take pride in the service they offer to their customers. Nevertheless, in order to do so, they need to hire PCV drivers with the right training, experience, and personality. Being a local bus driver or coach operator requires a special kind of individual.

In order to be one of their drivers, you first must have a PCV licence. The term ‘PCV’ stands for ‘passenger carrying vehicle’. It is a special kind of licence that you can earn after undergoing appropriate training through a company like the HGV Training Centre. That training specifically prepares you to deal with all of the ins and outs of transporting precious human cargo.

Before you can earn a PCV licence, you must first have a full car licence in force. As long as you do, the process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Pass a standard medical exam.
  2. Apply for a provisional entitlement.
  3. Take and pass your PCV theory test.
  4. Undergo practical skills training.
  5. Take and pass your final driving test.

At the HGV Training Centre, we are more than capable of assisting you every step of the way. We can help ensure your paperwork is submitted properly, prepare you to take the theory test, and provide comprehensive practical skills training consisting of time in the classroom and behind the wheel. As a side note, our students boast a 92% first-time pass rate for the 100-question PCV theory test.

Driving a bus or coach is an exciting career with plenty of opportunity and long-term stability. We urge you to consider the career whether you are just starting out or a victim of redundancy.


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