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What happens when two competing ice cream salespersons meet on the same road, day after day for nine months? Apparently, you get a heated argument over turf. This is evidenced by a new video that has gone viral thanks to publication by the Daily Mail and others. Watching it makes us wish that the van driving licence included a requirement for good manners.

We Britons are generally known around the world for being well mannered. So imagine our surprise to learn that two ice cream van drivers working the same territory cannot seem to get along. According to the Daily Mail, competing drivers from L Lewis and Krazy Konez have not been getting along in the area of Minera, Wales. Their disagreement finally caught up with them in a verbal confrontation that was recorded by the Krazy Konez driver using a smartphone.

The Krazy Konez driver insists that his L Lewis counterpart had been harassing him for months. He says he only recorded the incident because he was tired of the abusive treatment. The L Lewis driver refutes that claim, saying the Krazy Konez driver has been going after him since last year.

Both the police and the two companies are now investigating the incident in the hope of working out what’s been going on. But really, why is any of this necessary? Can both drivers not just go about their business and leave one another alone? Again, it is too bad that the van driving licence doesn’t include a requirement for good manners.

Most Drivers True Professionals

For the record, most commercial drivers in the UK are true professionals who know how to conduct themselves appropriately. We work with them every day. As for the two ice cream drivers, there is no way to know for sure why contention exists between them. It’s quite likely that the conclusion of the investigation will indicate both are partially at fault for not simply going about their business. Perhaps in the future they will do just that. Go sell your ice cream and don’t worry about what the other person’s doing. Everybody has a right to make a living; no one has the right to claim exclusive territory and try to shut the competition out.

Professional Driving Is a Good Job

Despite the antics of the two ice cream drivers in Wales, we want our readers to know that professional driving is a good job. Professional driving offers stability, competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, and the ability to work in an environment that does not involve an office cubicle or a supervisor constantly looking over the shoulder.

We provide training for the van driving licence as well as training for larger vehicles such as articulated lorries and buses. We invite you to learn more about our training programmes if you have been thinking of becoming a professional driver. We can get you trained, licenced, and ready to start looking for a job more quickly than you might know.


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