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The introduction of telematics into the logistics industry has provided a tremendous number of benefits across many levels. As just one example, HGV UK recently reported on a well-known logistics company that has drastically improved the performance of its company drivers by collecting telematics data and using it to motivate drivers to do better. The result has been clearly seen in real financial terms.

Logistics giant Surefreight saw a 6% improvement in fuel mileage and annual savings of £300,000 as a result of installing TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET platform across its entire fleet of 200 vehicles. By combining telematics hardware and the WEBFLEET system, the company was able to implement a driver performance programme to track each company driver and compare him or her with the rest.

As a result of improved performance, Surefreight notes the following:

In terms of those insurance claims, Surefreight has been able to prove, through the use of telematics and video equipment, that their drivers are not at fault in 90% of the accidents company vehicles are involved in. That kind of evidence not only reduces insurance claims but it also saves a tremendous amount of money on insurance premiums that would have otherwise increased to reflect claims against the company.

Encouraging Drivers to Do Better

At the heart of the company’s performance improvement project are the league tables that they created to enable them to compare drivers. By seeing what others are doing, drivers can compete with one another to improve their performance in order to make it to the top of the tables. And as we all know, healthy competition is a very good thing.

The company driver who has the incentive to do better obviously will. That is the whole point of this kind of programme. Rather than treating their company drivers simply as human resources statistics, Surefreight has involved them as individuals with a vested interest in improving how the company does things. The results of the programme speak for themselves.

The HGV Training Centre congratulates Surefreight and its drivers for a job well done. Through our many years of experience training new drivers for the logistics industry, we know full well that a motivated company driver is good for both his/her employer and the overall economy as a whole. Congratulations on a job well done.

If you have been thinking of becoming a professional driver yourself, the HGV Training Centre is here to assist you. We offer industry-leading training that can prepare you to take and pass the required tests that you need to get your licence. Best of all, we can do it in a matter of weeks rather than months or years.

We also offer company driver training for entire fleets of drivers whose employers are looking to improve performance. Feel free to contact us for more information about any of our training classes.


HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/surefreight-saves-300000-through-improved-driver-behaviour/


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