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Whether it is a driver receiving his or her HGV training in South Yorkshire, or a mechanic learning to repair coaches and buses outside of London, everyone involved in the transport and haulage industries receives comprehensive training designed to ensure all involved remain safe. Vehicle inspectors employed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) are included.

HGV UK is now reporting that DVSA vehicle inspectors will be undergoing new training in order to bring them up to speed with the highest standards recognised industry-wide. Each inspector will also undergo a comprehensive assessment of his or her knowledge and skills. Once the assessment and training have been completed, inspectors will be given the IRTE’s irtec licence and the IMI’s QAA certification. Both industry recognised awards demonstrate an inspector’s high rate of competency.

In official remarks, DVSA chief executive Alastair Peoples talked about how the integrity and professionalism of government inspectors has long been valued by the haulage and transport industries. He went on to say that the additional training will only add to that value.

“As we continue to expand our network of Authorised Testing Facilities, our Inspectors will be more highly skilled than ever before and well equipped to meet the needs of a demanding industry,” Peoples said.

If all goes as planned, the training received by the DVSA inspectors will become the new industry-standard by which all companies in the haulage and transport sectors operate. Reaching that goal will mean fewer problems with commercial vehicles, which will ultimately result in less downtime and fewer breakdowns and accidents.

We Believe in Training

As a leading UK training provider, we believe in the value of comprehensive and high quality training. That is one of the reasons the HGV Training Centre puts so much time and effort into providing the learning environment we have come to be known for. We believe the value of our training is every bit as important to commercial drivers as the DVSA training is to vehicle inspectors.

If you are interested in becoming a commercial driver, we offer HGV training in South Yorkshire as well as more than 40 other locations throughout the UK. You will find our training classes to be in formative, highly concentrated and somewhat fast-paced. We have chosen this approach because it has proved to be the best way to help our students learn and retain the information necessary to pass their tests.

When you begin your HGV training with us, we will stand by your side from start to finish. We will help you ensure your medical paperwork is in order, that you have applied for your provisional entitlement to begin training, and that you are prepared for the theory test you will have to take prior to practical skills training. Moreover, when your training is complete, we will even send one of our professional instructors with you to the testing site.

We hope you will consider the HGV Training Centre for all of your commercial driving needs. We offer training to both individual drivers and companies in need of fleet training.


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