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A new video just published on the HGV UK website clearly demonstrates why it is important for haulage companies to think about adding CCTV cameras to all of their LGVs. The video shows what happens when car drivers cause accidents with LGVs due to their own reckless behaviour.

More often than not, such accidents result in both drivers blaming the other. However, the video published by HGV UK clearly shows the driver of the car was at fault in this particular incident. Captured video contains all of the evidence needed to settle any criminal actions or insurance claims.

HGV UK says the video footage was provided by the Malcolm Group, a haulage company that has taken to fitting all of their vehicles with cameras. Malcolm Group’s Allan Campbell told HGV UK that the installation of the cameras had done two things: improved safety among company drivers and allowed for accurate settling of accident claims.

The accident shown in this particular video was easily settled once Malcolm produced the evidence. What’s more, the video made it possible for the company to settle without paying a penny. Had the evidence not been available, the two sides would have been left to dispute blame among themselves.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) fully endorses the use of in-cab cameras by all of its members. A recent survey it conducted revealed approximately 54% of their members was now using CCTV. It is quickly becoming the most effective way to reduce insurance claims and improve driver safety at the same time.

Combine It with Effective Training

Installing CCTV cameras on every LGV your company operates is an excellent idea. However, for maximum benefit, we also urge you to combine it with effective training through a company like the HGV Training Centre. Nothing beats effective training when it comes to ensuring your drivers are always operating their vehicles safely and efficiently.

The HGV Training Centre works with companies of all sizes across the UK. We provide fleet training on remedial basis, training for new drivers, and even CPC training and certification. The knowledge and skills we impart to our students makes them some of the best in the business. We can provide your company drivers with that same high quality training.

We also want to remind you that the CPC deadline is approaching fast. All commercial drivers that have not yet undergone CPC training must do so by mid-September or risk losing their licences and/or jobs. Haulage companies are also at risk of penalty if allowing uncertified drivers to continue working.

Right now, we have plenty of space available in all of our CPC training classes. However, those spots will fill up more quickly as we approach the September deadline. We urge you to enrol your drivers as soon as possible. The sooner they complete their training, the sooner you will be able to get back to business without worrying about it any further.


HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/05/21/dangerous-motorway-filtering-caught-in-new-smartwitness-video/


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