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As one of the leading providers of HGV training in Somerset, we are excited to hear that Gasrec plans to open a brand-new bio-LNG filling station in Bridgewater. The facility is set to open on June 1 of this year (2014). The West Country was chosen, in part, because of the easy access from many commercial districts in the region. Gasrec hopes it will encourage haulage companies operating in the West Country to consider making the switch to bio-LNG.

In order to make the filling station viable, Gasrec needed commitments from current bio-LNG partners. News reports say they have lined up customers representing about 30 HGVs operating on bio-LNG fuel. They expect news of the filling station to get out very quickly and, as a result, encourage greater use of a station.

Converting diesel powered HGV fleets to bio-LNG fuel is part of an overall strategy to reduce the emissions created by the haulage and transport industries. While HGVs represent only about 2% of the total number of vehicles on UK roads, they contribute to about 20% of the total emissions. Gasrec officials believe bio-LNG needs to be aggressively pushed in the haulage sector if the UK is to reach its emissions goals over the next several decades.

Gasrec is doing its part by working with a variety of partners to develop an entire network of bio-LNG filling stations all across the UK. Funding from Europe’s TEN-T programme will allow the company to build an additional five facilities within the next 18 months. The Bridgewater station will be capable of handling as many as 80 vehicles per day; Gasrec’s Daventry International filling station can handle up to 700 vehicles.

Keep on Training

From our standpoint, the introduction of bio-LNG to the haulage and transport industries will not change our commitment to providing high-quality training. We are most excited about our opportunity to be part of an industry that is working hard to help reduce greenhouse gases. If we can eventually help through our HGV training in Somerset, we will look at it very closely.

In the meantime, the HGV Training Centre staff take our responsibility to produce safe drivers very seriously. Our training programmes stress highway safety, hazard avoidance and regulatory compliance above all else. We believe it is not enough to know the mechanics behind operating commercial vehicles. Drivers also need to learn how to do it safely at all times.

Our training programmes are offered by experienced professionals fully committed to the success of each and every student. We offer training for HGVs, PCVs, horseboxes, horsebox trailers, forklifts, and heavy construction equipment. Training can be provided to individual drivers or company drivers on behalf of fleet managers.

If you are not a commercial driver, you still might benefit from our training courses if you own a light trailer or caravan. We offer classes created especially to help drivers like you be safe when towing. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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