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Anyone who’s undergone rough terrain forklift training knows that operating a forklift truck on anything other than a flat, even surface can be treacherous. However, a new video that recently went viral depicts something even scarier. So scary in fact, it is difficult to describe. The video shows a smaller forklift being lifted by a larger one in order to load a trailer at street level.

The Daily Mail picked up the video and published it on their website on July 18. It begins by showing a smaller forklift raising its cargo and depositing it into the back of a trailer. However, the forklift operator also wants to move it all the way forward. So what’s the solution?

A larger forklift appears from the left side of the frame. The operator slips his forks under the smaller forklift truck, lifts it, and pushes it into the back of the trailer. We assume the smaller forklift then moves the cargo all the way forward before backing out. The smaller forklift is let back down by the larger one in a reverse of the previous process.

What is amazing is the fact that the operator of the smaller machine had to move his forks in conjunction with the larger vehicle in order to maintain proper balance. The two operators do this with such precision we have to assume what is seen on the video is not the first time they have done it. And as interesting as it is to watch, it is incredibly dangerous. These types of manoeuvres should never be attempted with forklift trucks.

At the current time, no one seems to know where the video was shot. That’s good, because it could lead to prosecution otherwise. We sincerely hope that the two operators in question find another way to load trailers before one of them gets hurt, or worse.

Proper Training Necessary

Here at the HGV Training Centre we cannot stress enough the importance of proper forklift driver training. Forklifts are dangerous vehicles even under the best of conditions; using them without proper training only makes them even more so. We urge business owners to make sure all of their operators are properly trained for their own safety and the safety of their fellow workers.

We understand that the law does not require specific forklift training or certification. However, the law does require employers to take every reasonable step to ensure worker safety. Forklift training is considered a reasonable step in most cases. If your drivers have not received training and certification, you should consider changing that right away.

We offer rough terrain forklift training alongside our standard training classes. When one of your workers trains with us, they are training with one of the leading providers of commercial driver training in the UK. Our forklift classes are designed to make your operators as safe as possible without unnecessarily compromising productivity or efficiency. We want your forklift drivers to be both safe and productive.


Daily Mail – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2697089/Need-lift-Forklift-truck-gets-helping-hand-forklift-loads-trailer-without-ramp.html


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