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A pair of West Midlands haulage companies were disqualified from operating in the UK after numerous charges involving unlicensed operation and improper driver records. HGV UK reports that West Midlands Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones disqualified Sukhi Transport Ltd and GB Haulage Ltd.

According to HGV UK, Sukhi Transport was punished because a number of their drivers were not keeping accurate records of their work. Further investigation revealed the company could not account for more than 8000 km accumulated by company drivers during the period investigated. Lastly, at least one driver was working without a licence.

GB Haulage was investigated and found to have lent their HGV licence to another company that had been previously disqualified back in 2012. It was also found to have allowed one of their trucks to be used by the disqualified firm at a time when the vehicle was supposedly parked. Two drivers from GB Haulage were also accused of keeping improper records.

In addition to disqualifying the two companies from further work, Jones also issued penalties against both company’s directors, the drivers involved and the transport manager for GB Haulage. Penalties varied according to individual offences. Jones even went so far as to revoke the licence of CG Cargo Ltd because its sole director, Sukhwinder Singh Sandhu, is also the director of Sukhi Transport Ltd.

As a leading provider of HGV training in the West Midlands, we are acutely aware of the need for all hauliers to operate in compliance with the law. It is unfortunate that some companies choose not to do so, giving a black eye to the entire industry in order to carry a few more loads.

Keeping Everyone Safe

The HGV Training Centre reminds hauliers that the requirement for logging driver hours is designed to protect the general public from drivers who are too fatigued to operate their vehicles safely. The idea is not to punish haulage companies or workers. Yet when individuals do not take the responsibility to log hours seriously, such a decision jeopardises everyone on the road.

We urge both our clients and the entire haulage and transport sector to always be diligent about maintaining proper records. Not only does it keep everyone on the road safer, it boosts our reputation among the general public.

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HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/05/22/disqualification-for-hauliers-who-misled-regulatory-authorities/


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