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Fleet Driver Training: Crash Aftermath Demonstrates Why We Do It

Posted on Apr 07, 2016 by Prath520

Fleet driver training is just one of the services we offer here at the HGV Training Centre. We offer it to corporate clients looking to provide ongoing, remedial training to their entire team of drivers. Why is such training necessary? Because human beings are forgetful. A recent crash, and its aftermath, near Duxford, provides a..READ MORE

What Is Bad for Fleet Drivers Is Good for Bus Drivers

Posted on Mar 29, 2016 by Prath520

There is an old adage that says that what is bad for one person is good for another. This certainly applies to the concept of local councils clamping down on drivers guilty of parking and bus lane violations. And if the data is correct, fleet drivers are among the hardest hit in the recent clampdown...READ MORE

Winter Driving is Another Great Idea for Fleet Training

Posted on Jan 12, 2016 by Prath520

Over the last several months, we have published numerous blog posts offering ideas for fleet training among our corporate clients. We have yet another idea thanks to a recent survey from the Brake charity in partnership with Direct Line. According to the survey, more than 70% of UK drivers may be taking unnecessary risks during..READ MORE

Use Fleet Driver Training to ‘Upgrade’ Driver Outlook

Posted on Dec 29, 2015 by Prath520

The logistics industry is growing by leaps and bounds in direct proportion to the success of online shopping. For example, we detailed in a previous blog post how used vans are hot on the market right now, being bought up by delivery companies who need them to complete home deliveries from retail giants such as..READ MORE

Corporate Driver Training Needs to Address Mobile Phone Issues

Posted on Dec 24, 2015 by Prath520

The government is looking at increasing both fines and penalty points for drivers caught using their mobile phones while on the roads. The most severe penalties will be for professional drivers operating large, commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. The pending action is yet another reason corporate driver training needs to address mobile phone..READ MORE

Should Company Drivers Begin Reporting ‘Near Misses’?

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 by Prath520

Every day, company drivers throughout the UK experience ‘near miss’ incidents that could just as easily have resulted in injury or death. Most experienced drivers just pass these incidents off as a routine part of the job. Yet is it possible that requiring company drivers to report such incidents could increase safety? The Health and..READ MORE

Fleet Driver Training Should Address Weight Restrictions

Posted on Oct 07, 2015 by Prath520

As a leading provider of fleet driver training in the UK, the HGV Training Centre is more than capable of custom designing training programmes to the unique needs of each client. We can cover everything from the safe handling of materials to teaching drivers how to use their vehicles more efficiently. We believe an important..READ MORE


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