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A fork lift truck licence, also known as the forklift certificate in some circles, represents your opportunity to find an excellent job as a forklift operator in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or industrial site. We make the path to your forklift truck licence as easy as possible through a number of different training courses we offer at each of our facilities. If you are looking to break into the materials handling industry as a forklift operator, we encourage you to learn more about the training we provide.


Is it difficult to get a forklift job without having a licence? Yes and no, depending on how terms are defined. As a starting point, understand that there is no official forklift truck licence in the same way that there is a category C licence for driving a lorry or a category D licence for operating a coach or bus. Furthermore, there is no government agency with the authority to grant forklift licences.

That being the case, you might be wondering why we bother to offer forklift training. It comes down to this: while there may not be an official forklift truck licence you can earn, there is a certificate accredited by one of six organisations authorised by the government to do so. An accredited certificate is a crucial tool for finding a job.


The Benefits of Certification

Every driver who completes a forklift training course through the HGV Training Centre will receive a certificate accredited by ITSSAR. This accreditation is made possible by way of our adhering to the organisation’s training standards for both the information provided and the training methodologies we utilise. ITSSAR-accredited certificates are widely accepted across the UK. This suggests there are very definite benefits to certification:

The HGV Training Centre is happy to be able to provide additional support services to operators who complete our training courses. For example, we offer job placement assistance to any operators who do not already have the jobs. Not only do we want our students to be trained according to industry best practices, but we also want to see them working as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there is no point in being trained in the first place.

It Does Not Take Long

We began this guide by explaining that we offer an easy path to a forklift truck licence. It is easy in the sense that one does not need a four-year university degree to understand the basic concepts of forklift operation, or to pass the certification exam. What’s more, it doesn’t take very long either.

We offer three different course options for forklift operators. The first option is our full course. The full course is intended for those with absolutely no experience of operating a forklift. It is a five-day course that takes students through all of the information they need to learn. It includes a certain amount of hands-on training as well. The course culminates with a certification exam most of our students pass the first time around.

We also offer:

The reality is that you can be a certified forklift driver in just five days’ time. With certificate in hand, you will be able to apply for one of the hundreds of open forklift jobs now available across the UK. There are no university exams to prepare for, no requirement to be away from home for months at a time, and no need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on an educational programme that may or may not result in you getting the kind of job you were hoping for. Forklift truck training is fast, convenient, and cost-effective.

What We Teach

We believe that what we teach in our forklift training courses is just as important as how we teach it. Needless to say, we follow the training standards of our accrediting institution, ITSSAR. Those standards dictate that we address things like:

All of the things listed above are directly related to the industry-wide standards all accrediting organisations address. But we go one step further. We teach our operators how to be the best operators they can be. The thing is, safe forklift operation involves more than just a little bit of head knowledge and operational skill. It also requires a mindset under which operator and co-worker safety is paramount.

We believe forklift safety does not happen by coincidence. It is a direct result of concentrated training that constantly reminds operators of their ethical and moral obligations. It is the result of additional training provided to managers and business owners reminding them of their obligations under the law. When everyone involved appreciates the risks involved in forklift truck operations, it is much easier to maintain the proper mindset that leads to workplace safety.

We Are the Training Experts

In closing, we encourage you to consider obtaining your forklift truck licence through either a three or five-day training programme. We are the training experts for motoring and materials handling operations across the UK. We have been providing quality and cost-effective training for decades, having built our business from a very small operation into one of the largest training companies in the business.

There may be no official forklift truck licence issued by the government, but that does not mean forklift operators do not need training. They do. Whether you are an individual looking to work in the materials handling sector or a warehouse manager responsible for overseeing a team of forklift operators, appropriate training is an absolute necessity.

We urge you, for the safety of everyone involved, to take forklift training seriously. Choosing to train with the HGV Training Centre means you are working with a committed partner; a partner with an excellent reputation and decades of experience. Our easy path to forklift certification has already helped countless numbers of operators and their employers meet their legal and ethical responsibilities for safe forklift operation. We want you to join them.

More about Forklift Driving Qualifications

If you would like to know more about getting a forklift truck Licence just call our expert support team who will be glad to answer any questions. If you would like to read more articles please choose from the list below:


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