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During coach driver training, it is expected that the individual driver will be taught how to operate his vehicle safely over the road. However, like any other job, what happens years down the road after the coach driver has been at it for a while? He may start taking things for granted while paying less attention to what he’s actually doing.

That reality has given rise to a wave of new technology designed to help coach drivers improve their performance. One example is the Greenroad driver performance management system – a system that combines the latest in hardware and software technologies.

As recently reported by Fleet News, one Midlands-based coach operator has been using the system on all 50 of its buses. Since deploying it, they have reduced accidents, reduced the total number of safety concerns, and even saved fuel. The company is so happy with the performance of the system that they are recommending it to others.

Greenroad works by tracking driver behaviour as the coach is moving down the road. The system grades the driver, warns him when he is exceeding parameters, and continually encourages him to do better. It is an interactive system designed to act like a driving instructor sitting in a seat next to the coach driver.

We All Need Reminders

The effectiveness of these types of systems rests in the simple fact that we all need reminders. While the individual driver only completed coach driver training by demonstrating safety and skill, the knowledge gleaned during training is often lost as time goes by. It is just a normal fact of life. Something like the Greenroad system reminds the coach driver what he learned in his training courses.

Combined with CPC training, an automated system like Greenroad could have a real positive impact on coach safety throughout the UK. It is exciting to see technology like this introduced to the transport industry; here’s hoping it succeeds.

In the meantime, the HGV Training Centre is in the business of providing commercial training to drivers from all walks of life. In the area of coaches, we offer comprehensive PCV training that covers everything from the theory test to the practical skills test. Our programs are designed to prepare the driver to pass his tests and get into the job market.

We are one of the UK’s leading driver training companies with more than 45 facilities throughout the country. You can receive your coach driver training in London, Edinburgh, or any one of our other locations. What’s more, our programs are designed to get you on the road in a matter of weeks. If you call us today, you could be looking for work well before the end of the year.

The HGV Training Centre provides training to both individual drivers and companies for the following vehicles: articulated lorries, box trucks, heavy construction equipment, light trailers, horseboxes, horsebox trailers, coaches and buses, forklifts and more. If we can help with your training needs, we would be happy to do so.


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