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On September 24 of this year (2014), the University of Warwick will host the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) Safety Conference focusing on ways to help forklift truck drivers be safer. The theme of this year’s conference: ‘Is there a killer in the warehouse? Five real-world ways to transform truck safety’.

Conference officials are using the event as a way to help forklift truck drivers come to the realisation that they can learn from one another. It will include a first-ever question-and-answer session with a Practical Safety Panel comprised of a number of experts with a wide range of perspectives on forklift operation, standards and safety.

The FLTA is sponsoring the event in partnership with Briggs Equipment. In the years it has been conducting the conference, it has helped countless numbers of companies and forklift operators learn to be safer on a daily basis. Short of actually providing a counterbalance for training for drivers, the organisation is doing everything it can to ensure workplace safety. It hopes this year’s emphasis on drivers learning from one another will take workplace safety to the next level.

“They say experience is the best teacher,” FLTA chief executive Peter Harvey told SHD Logistics, “but when it comes to fork lift truck safety, it is far more efficient (and safer) to learn from the experiences of others.”

In addition to the September 24 conference, forklift truck Safety Week also runs from September 23-28. Organisers of the conference hope to tie the two together in a way that keeps workplace safety at the forefront of the minds of all participants long after they go home.

Training and Experience Are Key

One of the primary causes of workplace accidents and deaths involving forklifts is a lack of awareness among drivers about how deadly their vehicles can be. That is why companies like ours advocate for high quality training and plenty of on-the-job experience under the watchful eye of veteran drivers. We know that training and experience are the two keys to workplace safety where forklift trucks are utilised.

The HGV Training Centre is doing its part by offering comprehensive counterbalance forklift training to both individual and company drivers. Our training focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to operate safely at all times. We stress a number of important areas, such as:

Although there is currently no law on the books requiring employers to provide counterbalance forklift training to workers, we believe it is a good idea nonetheless. Companies are required to make every reasonable effort to ensure a safe workplace for all employees. It would be hard to rationalise foregoing training when it is so readily available in the UK. Please consider training all of your forklift operators if you have not already done so.


SHD logistics – https://www.shdlogistics.com/news/view/forklift-safety-advice-from-every-angle


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