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A full year after the implementation of the controversial HGV Levy, the government could not be more pleased with the results. Initial numbers confirmed by Transport Minister Robert Goodwill indicate the scheme collected some £44 million from foreign HGV drivers. The largest percentage of levies purchased in the first year was in the highest band. As a leading provider of HGV driver training, the results are similar to what we expected when the levy was first announced.

When the government initially proposed the levy, it was offered as a means of levelling the playing field between UK operators and mainland European-based haulers. Prior to the levy, UK drivers had to pay to use roads elsewhere in Europe while foreign drivers could run here with no additional charges to pay. The haulage industry maintained that the arrangement put them at a competitive disadvantage in that their costs were higher across the board. The government agreed.

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Implementing the levy now means drivers pay to use roads throughout the UK regardless of their point of origin. Foreign operators can no longer earn more by avoiding road usage fees.

According to the government:

It is no surprise that the Road Haulage Association and other industry groups are equally pleased with the results of the HGV levy. As a leading provider of HGV driver training, we frequently heard complaints in the past about the inequities between UK and foreign operators. Now that those inequities have been eliminated, our corporate customers are inclined to believe they are more competitive with their foreign counterparts.

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The HGV levy has always been part of doing business as a domestic operator. Drivers that work as independent contractors may pay the levy themselves, or they may work out a deal whereby their customers take care of it. Those that work for operators as salaried employees do not have to worry about the levy as their companies pay for it in most cases.

At any rate, the HGV levy should not be an impairment to you learning how to drive commercial vehicles for a living. We offer HGV driver training at more than 45 facilities around the country. What’s more, our training is very affordable. Whether you pay up front or work with our financing partner, we can have you trained and looking for work in a matter of weeks. You will quickly recoup your costs by landing a good paying job as an HGV driver.

The HGV Training can teach you to drive articulated lorries, tipper trucks, coaches, buses, and other types of commercial vehicles. All you need is a full car licence and the ability to pass a medical exam.



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