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In a strange announcement that seems to have riled up many a driver in Guernsey, the UK government has let it be known that they may soon stop recognising HGV licenses issued in the bailiwick if improvements are not made to Guernsey’s only HGV testing site.

Environment’s Steve Smith says the site has not been deemed acceptable over the last several years based on regular inspections. In their defence, the Guernsey government has promised to upgrade the testing facility but has thus far not had the funds to do so.

If the UK goes through with the plans, it remains to be seen if it will have any real effect on Guernsey drivers. A local truck license will still be valid there, and questions remain as to how often those drivers ply their trade inside the UK.

Opponents of the plan have recommended Guernsey reciprocate by refusing to recognise UK HGV licenses. Some even suggest it is actually more difficult to drive in Guernsey because of narrower and tighter roads. If Guernsey drivers are not fit for UK roads, they say, the opposite is certainly true.

The Testing Problem

All the bickering aside, the real issue comes down to testing standards. As you are well aware, testing in Europe is done at controlled testing facilities separate from public roads. As such, the facilities must be maintained in order to provide a testing environment similar to what drivers would find under normal driving conditions. If testing sites are not properly maintained then they do not provide a suitable environment.

One solution is to do what is done in the United States. In that country, all driver tests are conducted on the public roads, in real traffic. This eliminates the need for maintaining separate test facilities while ensuring drivers are subject to real-life conditions in order to pass the test. They essentially kill two birds with one stone.

Regardless of the testing environment, all drivers who want to earn a truck license in Europe must undergo comprehensive training through a company like the HGV Training Centre. Training consists of time in the classroom and behind the wheel.

In the UK, it begins with a routine medical exam that all students must pass. That examination can be provided by an NHS physician or a private doctor. Medical paperwork is then submitted along with an application for a provisional entitlement. That’s followed by the theory test, practical skills training, and final road test.

The HGV Training Centre can provide you with all the training you need to pass your tests and earn your truck licence. In just a matter of weeks, we can have you on the road. We also offer an up-to-date jobs database with information about current openings across the country.

Becoming a professional HGV driver is a rewarding career with good pay and long-term employment opportunities. If you are ready to start your new career as a professional driver, contact us today. We have more than 45 facilities available around the UK.


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