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Tomorrow’s Derby Telegraph Jobs Fair will be welcoming participation from companies all over the region. Here at HGV Training Centre, we are most interested in those companies involved in haulage and transport. And according to the Derby Telegraph, a number of them will be represented at the fair, which runs from 10 AM until 3 PM at the Derby Conference Centre.

The Derby Telegraph says both Heage Road Vehicle Service and the Lockwood Group will be among those participating. Heage is hiring mostly for administrative and service positions for a number of their locations around the Midlands and the North East. Lockwood will be recruiting HGV drivers for jobs all over Britain. The company operates a Derbyshire logistics centre and warehouse, at which a number of positions are currently open.

As the leading provider of HGV training in Derbyshire, we are very familiar with Lockwood and the services they provide to the haulage industry. We are also aware of the great sales and service provided to truck owners and fleet operators by Heage. Both companies are definitely worth looking into if you are interested in employment in the haulage sector.

If you do not live near Derbyshire, don’t worry; there will be other jobs fairs coming up this year featuring companies from all across the haulage and transport landscape. Remember that there is currently a measurable shortage of commercial drivers in the UK. Companies are looking for lorry drivers, coach and bus drivers, construction equipment operators and more. Licensed drivers should have no trouble finding work that pays well.

If you do not currently hold a commercial licence, the HGV Training Centre can help. To get started you must:

The HGV Training Centre is here to help you every step of the way. We provide HGV training in Derbyshire and throughout the UK at more than 45 locations. We are able to help you submit your paperwork, prepare for and take your theory exam, and train in preparation for your practical skills test at an approved testing facility. We will even send one of our trainers with you on the day of your test.

A Great Career Choice

Commercial driving is a great career choice whether you are young and just getting started or an older worker looking to try something new. It offers you exciting and rewarding work that allows you to see new places, meet new people, and conquer all sorts of challenges. Commercial driving also offers stability.

As the UK economy continues to expand, haulage and transport companies will be relied upon more than ever to move passengers and goods around Britain. The current driver shortage is only expected to get worse in the months and years to come. Now is the time to start thinking about getting your licence if you are ready for a new career.


Derby Telegraph – http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/Transport-firms-offering-jobs-suit/story-21094540-detail/story.html


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