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From HGV driving schools to foreign haulage companies, everyone operating large commercial vehicles on UK highways is now paying the new road user levy that went into effect from April 1 (2014). The good news is that the levy has generated more money than originally anticipated. Official reports estimate the first five weeks of the programme collected approximately £7.5 million. This figure only represents money from the levy, not fines for non-compliance.

Commercial Motor says that almost the entire sum collected thus far is from foreign operators. So while the sum represents just over one third of what the government hopes to collect annually, it may be that the figure is somewhat inflated. The law allows haulage companies to pay an annual fee in order to save money over the per-day fee. It could be that a large percentage of the money collected is the result of those annual fees. If so, the amount collected in subsequent months will be lower.

During the first two weeks of the levy, approximately 200 vehicles were found to not be in compliance. During that same period, 78,000 vehicles were registered, 92,000 levies were paid, and operators from 56 different countries were found to be participating. It appears as though the levy is accomplishing what the government had anticipated it would.

Companies that have still not paid the levy will be operating illegally if they use UK roads. In order to be in compliance, they can pay the per-day rate using an online system or one of the payment kiosks set up at various petrol stations around Britain. Operators who regularly do business in the UK can purchase an annual levy by way of the same two options. Enforcement is being handled through a combination of traffic stops and electronic enforcement methods.

Part of the Business

As much as HGV operators do not like the new road user levy, it is an inescapable part of doing business in this day and age. We urge operators to comply with the law if they have need of UK roads. Far better to pay the levy and be on your way than to be caught in a state of non-compliance.

As one of the leading HGV driving schools in the UK, the HGV Training Centre takes legal compliance seriously. Part of our training involves instructing students about the various laws and regulations directly related to their careers. We want each of our students to be firmly grounded in the law before they graduate. Then it is up to each one to follow the law while working.

HGV Training Centre offers commercial driver training for HGVs, LGVs, PCVs, heavy construction equipment, forklifts, horseboxes, and trailers. All of our training is handled by experienced professionals committed to the success of our students. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about earning an enhanced licence or beginning an exciting and rewarding career as a commercial driver.


Commercial Motor – http://www.commercialmotor.com/latest-news/hgv-road-user-levy-raises-%C2%A37-6m-in-five-weeks


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