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HGV driving has an unfortunate and undeserved reputation as being a career of last resort. Far too many people believe that anyone can drive an HGV; they believe professional driving requires very little training and expertise as compared to other jobs. However, common sense dictates otherwise.


If you already have your licence, you know the fear and anxiousness you experienced the first time you climbed behind the wheel of a big rig. You weren’t sure you could pull it off. The non-professional with a standard car licence would be in the same position.


As a case in point demonstrating how much training and skill is required of HGV drivers, consider a company hired to transport equipment from a Romanian port to oil and natural gas fields in Russia. One of the pieces of equipment was an incredibly large, 206+-tonne hydrotreating reactor requiring a 16-axle trailer capable of carrying the 34m structure.


The HGV driver had to gingerly transport the reactor some 280 km over a road system that was not necessarily in the best condition. The driver had police escorts to clear the way ahead of him. Nonetheless, the driver did not simply put his vehicle in gear and push the pedal to the floor. He had to tightly control his speed, braking, acceleration and turning to make sure the reactor was not harmed in any way.


Not a Job for Everyone


As the Russian transport project clearly demonstrates, HGV driving is not for everyone. It takes a tremendous amount of skill to properly operate a commercial vehicle on public roads in a way that guarantees safety and protects cargo. Anyone who believes it is a simple job is sadly misinformed. Furthermore, anyone who believes training to become an HGV driver is a one-time experience knows nothing about the industry.


The training we provide simply prepares a new HGV driver to take and pass the government-mandated tests. Our training includes time in both the classroom and behind the wheel of a full-size vehicle. Nevertheless, completion of a training programme does not mean all training is concluded. Rather, drivers undergo remedial training on a regular basis as well as real-life training while working. We believe it’s safe to say that training is an ongoing experience for the average driver.

If you have been looking for a career that offers excellent pay and long-term stability, HGV driving maybe just what you need. Do not believe those who say professional driving is a mindless job that requires no skill or knowledge. It is just not true. Professional driving is a very demanding job requiring a very definite skill set very few people possess.

The HGV Training Centre offers a full range of HGV and PCV training classes conducted by certified professionals who know their business. Fast learners who apply themselves can complete training and begin looking for work in a matter of weeks. Are you ready to go? If so, give us a call.


  1. HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/?p=18583


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