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In a move some people have described as ‘political correctness gone mad’, the Brighton and Hove City Council pulled a bin lorry off the road after complaints relating to its Union Jack logo. The council determined that the truck gave the impression they were officially supporting a Brexit, which would be improper, especially so close to the pending vote. From our perspective, the whole thing seems to be completely unnecessary. HGV driving should not be subject to political arguments.

News reports indicate that Trash UK, an independently owned company that provides bin lorries to local councils throughout the country, has been using the Union Jack as their logo since the company was established. It has been painted on their trucks since 2004.

Trash UK owner Chris Wood thought nothing of the new truck he sent to Brighton and Hove – at least where the flag was concerned. He was caught completely off guard when he was informed that complaints prompted the city council to take the truck off the road. Woods says that he has never had a complaint about the Union Jack before.

Complaints: Council Should Be Impartial

When the bin lorry first headed out for service, no one seemed concerned about the flag logo either. However, union members who spotted the truck quickly contacted officials to complain. They contended that the Union Jack logo gave the impression that the local council supported a vote to leave the European Union. Officials responded by saying they were completely impartial but pulled the truck anyway after agreeing it probably gave the wrong impression.

For his part, Wood says he may have to change his company logo in order to satisfy the council. Unfortunately, that could be the least of his problems. Regardless of how the vote turns out, there will likely be others offended by his bin lorries from now on. He could be in for quite a financial burden if he is forced to repaint all of his trucks to accommodate the sensitivities of a few.

As we said previously, HGV driving should not be subject to political arguments. Neither should operating a bin lorry company. Wood has stated in no uncertain terms that he is just trying to run a business and cares nothing about the vote. Even if he did, should it matter? The Union Jack is our official flag whether we stay in the EU or leave. There is nothing to be ashamed of whether flying it from a pole or painting it on the side of a bin lorry.

To us, this is much ado about nothing. Politics aside, we are committed to doing what we have always done: offering high-quality training for PCV and HGV driving at dozens of locations throughout the UK. We take great pride in training that prepares our students to get their licences as quickly as possible. We are here to answer any questions you might have or to sign you up for the next round of classes scheduled for your local area.


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