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Are you thinking that you’d benefit from a forklift licence? Have you thought about all the places you can work once you have one? Are you here because you’d like some help getting one? We’ve got good and bad news for you – The bad news is that no, we can’t help you to get a forklift licence, but the good news is that this is because there’s really no such thing as a forklift licence!

 You don’t need a licence to operate a forklift truck, but what you do legally need is the right amount and kind of training before you can work with one professionally.

What we offer

As there’s no standard and legal course of  training for forklift drivers, we’ve covered as many bases as you could possibly need before working as a forklift truck driver. Our courses will ensure you’re safe and skilled when it comes to driving a forklift, with a complete working knowledge of everything you would ever need to know, regardless of what your starting point is.

This includes a one-day refresher course if you just need a bit of confidence in skills you already have, a 3-day short course for newcomers who need to get up and running as fast as possible, and a 5-day complete course for the most intense and all-encompassing training possible. You can get forklift training in Glasgow, Birmingham, and many other major cities around the UK. All our specialised courses are catered to your skill level and the time you have available.

Types of Forklift licence courses

As well as the option of one, three or five-day courses, we also offer further options for your training, depending on your specific needs. These include a Reach Forklift course, which runs for five days and teaches you to operate a Reach forklift truck. Our Counterbalance (up to 5 tonne) Forklift Course is also five days and is quite similar in showing you how to use a Reach forklift but with some key differences. Then there’s the Counterbalance and Reach Forklift Course, which lasts for seven days and is a combination of both forklift types, with the addition of a two-day conversion course.

What does forklift training involve?

The basic elements of forklift licence training come under three categories. These are equipment checks, forklift manoeuvring and cargo control.

Equipment checks ensure you know that your forklift truck and other tools are safe and functional every time you work with them. Forklift manoeuvring shows you how to safely navigate spaces from behind the wheel. Cargo control shows you how to pick up, move and put down your cargo easily, keeping everything intact.

 We will train you in each of these areas, making your learning simple and all these skills and procedures easy to digest.

What kind of jobs are available?

 Once you have Forklift licence training, you can tell any potential employers that you’re trained to a high standard already, meaning you should have all the relevant skills they need for any forklift driving job. You can start looking for work in any organisation which has a large storage facility, and needs people like you to help load and unload stock safely and efficiently. So many businesses have large storage facilities for their goods that work is not difficult to find.

Supermarkets get regular deliveries and need people to unload trucks and transport things around their warehouse. Likewise, big stores of all kinds (if they have a lot of stock, and a warehouse) need people who can drive a forklift safely and to a good standard.

 Find out more about our forklift training courses and check out our Job Finder service to see what work is available for trained drivers right now.


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