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We usually use our daily blog posts to inform readers about important news stories that might affect them as commercial drivers. However, today, we would like to close out the week by talking about the LGV theory test. This is a topic that has been getting a lot of attention ever since it was announced that some inmates at a Kent prison are being given free or subsidised LGV training to prepare them to work after their release.

We need to point out that the training the inmates are receiving does not automatically result in them being given a licence. They are still required to take the practical skills road test just like any other driver. Their training only prepares them to take that test. Furthermore, the practical skills test is very different from the theory test.

In order to begin practical skills training, an individual must apply for a provisional entitlement and pass the LGV theory test. This test is a two-part exam measuring your knowledge of highway safety and hazard avoidance. You can take both parts together, or you can take them separately, but the law says you must pass both within two years of each other in order to qualify for further training.

The HGV Training Centre recommends you take both portions of the theory test at the same time. As long as you are studying for one part, you might as well study for both. We can help you if you need our assistance to prepare.

We utilise a very direct and fast-paced approach that enables you to learn and retain the information you need. What’s more, our approach works. Our students pass the theory test the first time at a rate of about 92%. Of course, there is no need to take our preparation classes. You are certainly free to study on your own.

After the Theory Test

The only purpose of the LGV theory test is to make sure you have the knowledge to approach practical skills training properly. Passing the test does not mean you are automatically given your LGV licence. You still have to undergo further training in a classroom and behind the wheel of an actual vehicle. This is another area where the HGV Training Centre can be a big help.

We provide LGV training using the same focused approach we apply to theory test preparation. Between classroom instruction and time behind the wheel, we prepare our students to take and pass the practical skills test the first time.

We are a leading provider of LGV training in the UK because we deliver what we promise. Our students are trained by experienced professionals who are committed to their success. If you are interested in learning more about the LGV theory test for the commercial driver training we provide, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at your convenience. We have space available for you at one of more than 45 locations we operate around the UK.


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