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A coach driver pulls up to a kerb in the centre of Salisbury, lets off his passengers, and heads straight to the Millstream coach park where he’ll wait patiently until it’s time to pick them up again. As he waits, the passengers will see some important sites, enjoy some shopping, and perhaps get a light meal or snack. It is a system that has been working well for quite a long time.

In the near future however, things might not go as smoothly. The Millstream coach park will be closed to make way for the new development of the Malting’s and Central car park. That will leave coach drivers nowhere to go unless the city council approves a new coach park on Brown Street.

The property on Brown Street is currently a car park, but one that can easily be redeveloped to accommodate coaches. The town council recently asked residents what they thought of the idea; it turns out they are not really excited about it. The main concern is one of the amount of traffic that would flow through the city centre in order to get to the coach park.

The existing Millstream coach park makes it possible for coaches to stay out of the city centre by using streets on the periphery. However, if forced to go to Brown Street, they will travel right through the heart of Salisbury to both drop off and pick up passengers. The traffic congestion could be unmanageable during any popular public events.

On the other hand, closing Millstream and not giving coaches another place to go means these will have to park on the street. That could make matters even worse. Nonetheless, opponents of the new car park are convinced there has to be another solution that can accommodate the closing of Malting’s and Central without funnelling coaches down Brown Street.

Part of the Business

Stories like these are just part of the business when you’re a coach driver. There is no getting around the fact that coaches are large vehicles requiring plenty of space to move and park. Unfortunately, if towns like Salisbury want to attract tourists and the money they bring with them, they have to accommodate coaches. That is also part of the business.

For seasoned drivers, it’s nothing to become worked up over. They have enough experience to accommodate whatever decision is made. If the council goes ahead with the Brown Street plan, drivers will do their best to make the trip through the centre of town with as few disruptions as possible. If they decide to put the new park elsewhere, drivers will adapt accordingly.

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