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Last week (September 22-28, 2014) was National Forklift Safety Week here in the UK. The weeklong observance is an annual event sponsored by the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) in an effort to raise awareness of workplace safety in companies involved in materials handling. The highlight of this year’s observance was the National Safety Conference held at Warwick University on the 24th.

According to SHD Logistics, there were 133 fatal forklift accidents in the UK during March 2013 and April 2014. That is an astounding number that is almost hard to believe. It explains why organisations like the FLTA work so aggressively to promote forklift safety. Everyone involved in materials handling would do well to heed the message.

The FLTA continually stresses that, while a forklift certificate is not required by law to operate a forklift in the workplace, there is no excuse for employers to not make sure their operators are fully trained and certified. Even more so since the law does require companies to take every reasonable step to ensure workplace safety. Most would agree that forklift certification is a reasonable step that could, and should, be taken.

The National Forklift Safety Week campaign has been promoting the value of forklift training since the first observance of the week seven years ago. The FLTA believes, as we do, that there is no substitute for proper training. An operator that has been trained and certified is significantly less likely to be involved in an accident than an untrained operator is. It is as simple as that.

The problem we often run into is a misunderstanding of the dangers involved with forklifts. Because these vehicles operate at slow speeds and with limited power, people mistakenly believe they are incapable of doing serious damage. Accident victims know otherwise. Forklifts are large, bulky, unwieldy, and unstable vehicles that need to be operated with great care. Allowing any room for carelessness is an open invitation for disaster.

We Offer Training

Though the 2014 edition of National Forklift Safety Work is now over, the need for safe forklift operation continues. We urge company owners and managers all across the UK to provide forklift training to their operators as soon as possible. Your operators can train with us at the HGV Training Centre. We offer a forklift certificate programme that will ensure your operators have the knowledge and skill to work safely.

Our training focuses on every aspect of forklift operation, from transporting cargo to smooth operational control. We will teach your operators how to work safely around other employees and equipment, as well as how to identify potential hazards so these can be avoided.

For more information about our forklift certificate programme, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or through this website. The HGV Training Centre maintains training facilities at more than 45 locations throughout the UK. New classes are forming on a regular basis, so get your operators signed up. Their safety could depend on it.


SHD Logistics – https://www.shdlogistics.com/news/view/highlight-on-forklift-safety


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