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Company drivers are a vital part of any business. They are the couriers by which companies deliver products to customers, make them an even more important asset to any company by enrolling them in a commercial vehicle training course with the HGV Training Centre. With these additional skills at their disposal it combines multiple roles and gives each firm access to a far greater range of logistical options.

Why Train Commercially?


What We Do

The HGV Training Centre administers training courses to people looking to acquire training in operating and maintaining heavy-duty vehicles. With experienced tutors on hand and intensive courses in 50 different driver training facilities throughout the UK we impart the lessons learners need to pass their licensing exams.

Intensive Courses

Sending an employee to learn about commercial driving isn’t an attractive prospect for most employers since it involves losing a member of staff for a significant amount of time, which is highly disruptive for the business as a whole. The HGV Training Centre completely understands this and aims to change it. Our intensive courses reduce the amount of time, and the amount of disruption, because the course lasts only a matter of days not weeks.

The HGV Training Centre’s licensing courses will last for a week at the very most, with nearly all courses running for around three or four days. The total amount of time for most courses is about 16 hours before taking the exam.

Affordable Prices

Another major concern with sending company drivers away to learn about commercial driving is the cost. Many teaching providers have extremely high costs, and it’s not right. The HGV Training Centre does things differently. We seek to offer the most affordable prices in the UK, so training employees doesn’t have to make deep gashes in company profits.

Look at what these low prices do for companies in the long-term. Since having a commercial driver on the books reduces the amount of outsourcing it saves on transporting major loads. The only real cost is maintaining the vehicle, so overall most companies committed to making big profits will save money.

Full Support

Along with affordable prices comes value for money. With full support at all times this is never a fruitless endeavour. Our extremely high pass rates for people who take their exams for the first time reinforce this. Our specialist co-ordinators and students work together to answer any questions and offer comprehensive preparation for the licensing exam.

Further Reading on Company Driver Training

To find out more about how we can getting your driving employees professionally trained and certified quickly at an affordable rate please click on any of our articles below or call or email us for instant help and advice.



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