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Numbers from the Department for Transport show that the number of HGVs on the road in 2015 was up more than 1% from the year before. Buses are down slightly, but their numbers are still higher than they were in the years immediately following the start of the financial crisis. As for company cars, there are more now on the road than ever before. The simple fact is that UK businesses are continuing to put company vehicles on the road at a very brisk pace.

Where does your company stand? Do you operate a fleet of vehicles that includes any combination of vans, lorries, coaches, or buses? Perhaps your company deals with construction. If so you may have a range of heavy equipment and trucks that you use to do what you do. No matter the volume or category of company vehicles you operate, it is imperative that your drivers are the best they can be.

At the HGV Training Centre, we work with motoring companies to provide corporate driver training that meets or exceeds the standards of our clients. We offer corporate driver training because we know how important it is for businesses to be able to trust those who are entrusted with their coaches, buses, vans, and lorries. The last thing we want is for one of our clients to have a lack of confidence in their drivers.

No Need to Handle Training In-House

It used to be that business experts and consultants would advise their clients to save money by handling all of their corporate driver training in-house. The thinking was that companies were more than capable of providing remedial training to drivers who were already licenced commercially. In so doing, they would not have to spend money on outsourcing. If you still hold that thinking, would you be willing to reconsider?

Think about this in terms of whatever it is your company does. For example, we work with a relatively large number of tour companies operating large fleets of coaches. These companies are specialists in tour operations. We would rather they contract to transport our staff on a company outing rather than us trying to get everyone to where we need to go. Why? Because they are experts at what they do; our staff would be amateurs at best.

Likewise, those same tour companies come to us for corporate driver training because we are experts in what we do. Any training they could offer in-house would be inadequate by comparison. The truth is you do not need to try to train your drivers yourself. Focus on what your company does best and let us handle the training.

Train Virtually Anywhere in the UK

The HGV Training Centre did not become one of the leading providers of corporate driver training by accident. Over many years of serving our customers, we have followed a very definitive strategy based on gradual expansion according to client needs. We now have more than four dozen training centres at various locations throughout the UK. That means there is virtually nowhere in the country you cannot access quality corporate driver training conveniently.

Size does make a difference. Operating so many training facilities makes it possible for us to meet the needs of our clients at a moment’s notice. A client need only contact us to let us know of upcoming driver training requirements; we take care of the rest. We form the classes, we provide the certified and experienced instructors, and we make sure drivers learn what they need to learn to complete their training.


Cost-Effective Corporate Training

Every business owner knows that containing costs is an integral part of company success. If a company is spending too much money, it may not be making enough to remain economically viable. This is why business experts are always reminding us to be cost effective in everything we do. The principle is as true for the HGV Training Centre as it is your business.

In light of this, how cost effective is it to maintain an in-house corporate driver training programme? Maintaining in-house training requires that you have expert staff capable of concentrating all of their energies on your programmes. Small companies do not have the financial resources to do that. As for larger companies, those financial resources could be better directed to other parts of the business. In all but the rarest of cases, it is more cost effective to utilise a company like ours for corporate driver training.

Outsourcing your corporate training:

Corporate Training for CPC Requirements

Are your company drivers required to fulfil mandated Driver CPC requirements? Once again, some businesses are electing to handle CPC training by themselves. And once again, this is neither cost-efficient nor convenient.

The HGV Training Centre is an approved provider of Driver CPC training. Being approved means that we are qualified to offer training courses that meet the requirements of the CPC scheme. Your drivers who undergo corporate driver training with us can complete the required 35 hours and earn a new CPC driver card good for five years.

We encourage motoring companies throughout the UK to keep in mind the CPC requirements. CPC was fresh on all of our minds in the months leading up to the individual deadlines in 2013 and 2014. But now that those deadlines have come and gone, it is easy to forget that CPC certification must be renewed every five years.

We recommend that managers and operators keep a running database for the purposes of tracking individual driver CPC status. For example, consider a company with 100 drivers, 50 of whom received their initial CPC training in the same year while the other 50 could have been trained anywhere from 2010 through 2015. Drivers are expected to keep track of their driver cards on their own, but we know that drivers forget. Keeping a running database makes it easy to always know the status of each and every driver.

Regarding those 50 drivers with the same expiration date, the company could train all of them simultaneously through a corporate driver training programme. As for the remainder, they could be grouped into classes according to their expiration dates. This minimises the number of training classes the company needs to arrange in order to keep their drivers on the road.

We Handle All Your Training Needs

As you can see, the HGV Training Centre can handle all of your corporate driver training needs. We have built our business specifically for that purpose. We believe that a strong haulage and transport sector is vital to the UK economy. Without it, we would not enjoy the kind of lifestyle we do today. To that end, we are committed to continue to do our part to ensure the UK’s professional drivers receive the training they need to be safe, efficient, and productive.

You can choose to keep your corporate driver training in-house if you want. But if you are looking for a better alternative, we hope you will consider the HGV Training Centre. Our UK-wide corporate driver training for buses, coaches, and other commercial vehicles is unparalleled.

Additional Information on Corporate Driver Training

To find out more about the benefits we can offer in training your driving employees please select any of our articles listed below or call or email us for instant help and advice.


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