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The HGV Training Centre enjoys a reputation as one of the leading providers of commercial driver training in the UK. In addition to being members of the Freight Transport Association and The Logistics Guild, we are also an approved Driver CPC training provider. Much of our success over the years is directly related to our commitment to offering transport training both on an individual and multi-driver basis.


Training individual drivers to pass licencing tests is an obvious prerequisite for any company that wants to be involved in HGV and PCV training. After all, it is the army of individual drivers all across the UK that make the haulage and transport industries work every single day. Without individual training, there would be no way for us to ensure enough licenced drivers to fill all of the employment vacancies we have.

Practicality dictates that every training provider works with individual drivers. But the HGV Training Centre goes one step further by offering multi-driver training courses. These courses are designed to provide transport training to multiple drivers sent to us by the same company. For example, the Company A Bus Company may decide to enrol 10 of their company drivers in a Driver CPC course unique to their needs.

There are plenty of tangible benefits that go with multi-driver company transport training. We will outline some of the most significant benefits below.

Multi-Driver Training Is Efficient

Having you drivers out of commission and in training means they are not producing for your company. As a transport manager, you are well aware that a parked lorry is an unprofitable lorry. Therefore, you need a training programme that maximises efficiency so as to reduce downtime and lost productivity. Multi-driver training addresses that need directly.

Training multiple drivers at the same time efficiently concentrate training into a smaller window. Your drivers spend less time in the classroom and more time on the road. As an added benefit, many of our clients have come to realise that sending all of the drivers through training simultaneously allows their maintenance departments to service their vehicles at the same time. Not only does training become more efficient, so does vehicle maintenance.

For our part, multi-driver transport training makes us more efficient by allowing us to train in larger numbers. Conducting one course with 20 drivers, for example, is a more effective use of time and space than conducting two separate courses of 10 drivers each. When we are more efficient, we can offer more choices for our customers.

Multi-Driver Training Is Cost-Effective

Sending multiple company drivers through training at the same time is cost-effective in a number of ways. First, you spend less per driver because you are not paying for individual classes. More importantly, you are not losing money by prolonging lost production over multiple days of training. The concept is similar to investing in a piece of new equipment rather than continuing to bandage up an old piece.

The new piece does require a significant investment upfront. But compared to the amount of money you would spend on maintenance and repairs for the old vehicle, making the investment now will eventually cost less money in the future. We look at multi-driver transport training the same way. By accepting lost production in one fell swoop, you actually save money by getting it over and done with right away. Your drivers can then concentrate on serving your customers as they should.

Multi-Driver Training Is Customisable

One of the things we are proudest of at the HGV Training Centre is our ability to create customised training courses for our corporate clients. By contrast, customisation is almost impossible when a company chooses to train only one or two drivers at a time. Such small numbers require us to integrate drivers from numerous companies into a single training session, thereby reducing our opportunities for customisation.

For purposes of illustration, let us assume you are the transport manager of a company primarily engaged in moving refrigerated food products. Let us also assume the vast majority of your drivers are on the same CPC schedule. By working with us, you can arrange for your entire team to gradually receive appropriate CPC instruction over the course of several months, with a programme customised to a particular need of your drivers. We can customise:

It should be clear to see that course customisation is a valuable part of quality company transport training. If you have not yet experienced the benefits of training customisation, we invite you to work with us on your next training session. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Course Types We Offer

We have hopefully piqued your interest in regards to company transport training. The only thing left is to describe the kinds of courses we offer. We have already discussed Driver CPC training as one of our primary offerings. Here is a short list of additional training categories:

We believe in the value of multi-driver company transport training. If we did not, we would not conduct this sort of training on behalf of our corporate clients. For more information about our transport training programmes, simply contact us at your earliest convenience. We would be honoured to provide the high-quality training you and your company drivers require.

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For further information on how we can work with you to achieve your business transportation goals please do not hesitate to call or email our experts. For more reading on the subject just select from the list of our articles below.


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