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In order to be a professional LGV driver, you must possess the appropriate kind of licence. In order to get that licence, you have to follow a specific training and testing process that includes taking the Lorry/LGV theory test. It has been our experience that quite a few students are unnecessarily afraid of the theory test, primarily because they do not know what it is and what it involves. Take our word for it; there is no need to allow yourself to be overly stressed by the thought of having to take and pass this exam. Hundreds of students at the HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD)  Training Centre pass the test every month.


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We want to set your mind at ease if you are considering becoming a professional driver. To that end, we have put together this guide consisting of facts and tips relating to the Lorry/LGV theory test. You should have all of the information you need to know about the test at the conclusion of this guide. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us on our free phone number or through our website.

Facts about the Lorry / LGV Theory Test

It used to be that the theory test was one of only two exams the future professional drivers needed to pass in order to get their licences. The test was divided into two parts, general road safety and hazard perception, and consisted of 100 multiple-choice questions. Things have since changed with the implementation of Driver CPC requirements. The LGV theory test is still a two-part exam, but the divisions are now as follows:

  1. Multiple-Choice – The 100 multiple-choice questions are still part of the new test. These questions cover all the basics of safe and proficient driving of large, commercial vehicles. You must get 85 of the questions correct in order to pass this portion.
  2. Hazard Perception – The hazard perception portion of the exam has been altered to include both visual and written parts. It consists of a series of 19 videos the candidate must watch. Within those videos are 20 potential hazards the candidate is expected to identify and know effective avoidance solutions for. The videos are accompanied by an additional 100 multiple-choice questions, of which 67 must be answered correctly.

You can book both portions of the LGV theory test at the same time as well as taking them during the same session. You can also split the tests into two sessions if you prefer. However, understand that you must pass both portions within two years of each other to obtain a valid theory certificate.

When to Take the LGV Theory Test

You cannot begin practical skills training as an LGV driver until you first take and pass the theory test. This should be obvious. The powers that be do not want you sitting behind the wheel of a large and potentially deadly vehicle if you do not possess the fundamental knowledge to do so safely. Therefore, possessing the theory certificate is a prerequisite to begin practical skills training.

The good news is that you can book and take the exam at any point after you obtain your provisional entitlement. Some candidates choose to participate in our LGV theory test preparation classes, which we highly recommend, while others choose to prepare on their own. It is entirely up to you. The majority of our students follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Contact us to sign up for LGV training.
  2. Have the medical exam completed; submit the provisional entitlement paperwork.
  3. Study for the LGV theory exam while waiting for the provisional entitlement to arrive.
  4. Take and pass the LGV theory test; move on to practical skills training.

The HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) is one of only a few training companies in the UK to provide students with full administrative assistance. Part of this help is that of booking your tests for you. When you enrol in our LGV course, we can book your theory test date, or dates, right away. You can then begin preparation so that you are ready to go when your testing date arrives.

We also provide our students with the necessary training materials to prepare for the exam. For example, each new LGV student is offered a piece of software that includes questions and practice tests. The software is an invaluable tool that helps our students retain the necessary information and, at testing time, recall it. The government also offers free practice tests as well.

Important Tips for Passing the LGV Theory Test

Now that you know the facts of the LGV theory test, it’s time to get down to our list of vital tips for passing it. After all, passing your exams is what training is all about. For this portion of the guide, we polled our experienced instructors to find out what they routinely tell students preparing for the theory exam. Below is a compilation of the helpful tips they provided:

The HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) offers preparation classes for the LGV theory test. We urge you to take advantage of those classes if you plan to utilise us for your practical skills training. Again, preparation classes are not mandatory. On the other hand, there really is no reason for not taking them given the fact that we have made them an affordable part of our total LGV training programme. The small investment of time and money preparation classes require is worth it at that moment you receive your valid theory certificate.

You will need to take and pass the LGV theory test in order to undergo the practical skills training necessary to be a professional LGV driver. We can help you prepare to take and pass the test when you enrol in our training programme. For the record, the HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) boasts a 92% first-time pass rate for the theory test.

Additional Information on LGV Training, driving and Exams

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