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In order to become a professional LGV driver, you must first undergo appropriate training and obtain one of the four Category C licences. In theory, this should be a relatively simple process that begins by tracking down a training provider in your local area. But theory and reality seldom coincide. More often than not, what you experience trying to find a training provider is anything but simple.

Searching for a training provider requires looking at a long list of prerequisites. At the top of that list are LGV training costs. Simply put, there is no point in thoroughly investigating a training company if you know right from the start that you will be unable to afford their courses. You need to start with what you can afford and then work from there.

Unfortunately, Professional LGV training costs are prohibitive for a lot of people. This is one of the reasons industry organisations such as the FTA and RHA are continually lobbying government officials to get involved. We need the government to make the financing burden easier in much the same way they do for university students. Until that day comes, however, new drivers need to be diligent in comparing LGV training costs.

Are you ready to begin searching for a training provider? If so, we want to help. We have put together some helpful information that will enable you to compare LGV training costs like a pro.

More Is Better

When you are shopping for a new piece of furniture or a new smartphone, how many different options do you look at? Most consumers compare at least 3 to 5 choices before determining which direction to go in. Some look at every conceivable option out there. The point is this: when it comes to shopping for anything, more options means more opportunities to make the right choice.

We suggest you contact as many training companies as you possibly can. Either do so by telephone or online. You might think us odd for doing so, given that we do not want to turn away business in favour of the competition, but we are confident that an open-minded comparison will leave the HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) Training Centre near the very top of your list, if not in the number one position.

There are a lot of training companies in the UK providing LGV training. So this portion of your search is going to take some work. Just remember the old adage that says something worth having is worth working for. Putting the work into comparing training providers will pay off in the long run when you eventually realise you are getting the best training for the money you spent.

Ask about Discounts

From time to time, training companies may offer discounts to certain groups of people. For example, the availability of armed services training subsidies may mean a provider can offer lower tuition to former military. These kinds of discounts are not available on every single course, at all times, but they can be very helpful when they do come up.

One caution is appropriate here: there are some training companies that artificially inflate their prices so that they can turn around and offer discounts. Be very careful of training providers who seem to run constant sales or offer ongoing discounts that never seem to end. They might be the very companies guilty of artificial price inflation.

We believe you are better off working with a training provider whose pricing structure remains consistent over time. Gradual increases may be necessary to keep pace with inflation and the cost of doing business, but a high-quality training company does not have the time or interest in manipulating pricing structures to show fees constantly going up and down.


Compare Value among Companies

The most important thing you need to know is the importance of comparing value. In other words, assessing LGV training costs is about more than just the bottom line price. It is about understanding what you are getting for the money you are spending. Think of it in terms of buying a new smartphone.

You might find a new phone on sale at your local store for £50. It sounds like a good deal until you discover that you are getting a flip phone only capable of making calls and sending and receiving texts. There is no internet access, no data, and no ability to take and save photos. The phone may indeed be a good deal if that’s the type of handset you are after. But if you are looking for something of smartphone quality, £50 is not going to do it.

LGV training works the same way. There are some training companies that offer bottom-line prices on bare-bones training programmes. Their training teaches you the basics and nothing more. And for the amount of money you are paying, you’re not getting any additional help and support to pass your tests and find a job once training is complete.

Value Is What We Offer

The HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) Training Centre has become one of the leading training providers in the UK because of the value we offer. Our LGV training costs may not be as low as some discounted training companies, but we offer tremendous value. When you train with us, your tuition includes:

It should be clear that our LGV training costs are based on providing students with everything they need to become successful LGV drivers. We encourage you to research the HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) Training Centre alongside our competition. In the end, we expect to be very near the top of the list of potential training partners.

The HGVT (HGV Training Services LTD) Training Centre trains individual LGV drivers as well as company drivers attempting to obtain a commercial driving licence or meet Driver CPC requirements. All of our instructors are experienced professionals who, at one time in their careers, worked as professionals in a real-world setting. They are fully committed to the success of our students every step of the way. They are looking forward to working with you on your journey to becoming an LGV driver

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