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There has been a lot of talk in recent years about finding ways to reduce the HGV / LGV licence cost so that affordable training can be made available to more people. There is some reason for optimism that the government might do more to help address the problem, but not enough to make us believe that substantial reductions or subsidies are coming in the near future. Therefore, the HGVT Training Centre remains committed to providing the most cost-effective training solution possible.

How Much Does LGV / HGV Training Cost?

What goes into the cost of getting an LGV licence? What do you actually pay for when you submit that tuition payment to your training company? The LGV licence cost can be broken down into several components. Your tuition pays for:

A fairly priced training programme is one that covers all the provider’s costs, including a slight profit, without being so excessive as to put training out of reach. That is what we strive for at the HGVT Training Centre. We believe our pricing structure is highly competitive based on what we know of our competitors.

This is a guide to costs for HGV Training – unfortunately, with fuel and insurance prices always on the move, it’s hard to always have an exact price but the guide below will show you what you can expect to pay.

How We Determine Tuition

At The HGVT Training Centre, we believe we have an obligation to our students to maintain a fair pricing structure at all times. In light of that, you might be wondering how it is we determine tuition rates. We do so through a multi-step process.

First, we determine what it will actually cost us to offer a particular training programme to a group of drivers. Keep in mind that not all the drivers who pass through our doors have the same needs. For example, one group may decide to forgo theory test preparation classes in favour of preparing for the test by themselves. Another group may decide they do want our preparatory classes. Total tuition costs for both groups will be different as a result.

Next, we take a look at the average LGV licence cost of our competitors. Why do we do this? Because we want to beat competitor pricing if at all possible. We want to be able to comfortably say that we offer the best pricing in the industry. It is rare that we cannot do better than our competitors, by the way.

Lastly, we take the time to consider what constitutes a fair price to you. Obviously, we cannot remain in business by giving away LGV training for free. Yet we also know that we might be preventing new drivers from getting into the industry if we allow the LGV licence cost to climb too high. We must find that perfect balance between what is fair to you and what we need to earn in order to keep our business going.

A Lot for a Little

We are not in the habit of publishing our prices on our website because we offer so many different programmes that can be priced to individual or group needs. But we can tell you that our average student gets a lot for a little. Our reasonably priced training programmes include the following as part of tuition:

We essentially provide everything a driver needs to complete training at one affordable price. The average driver can complete LGV training and obtain a licence for far less than would be spent on a multi-year university education. Furthermore, the process can be completed in a matter of weeks. This means drivers get to work right away. They start earning their pay within months of making the decision to train rather than waiting years to get to work. In that sense, the LGV licence cost is both reasonable and palatable.

We Offer a Financing Option

We want you to contact the HGVT Training Centre if you have been thinking about a career as an LGV driver. Let’s talk. Let us see what you need to complete your training and how much it will cost to get it done. If you find the LGV licence cost is more than you can afford right now, no worries. We also offer a financing option on every course we teach. This option is made available through Pay 4 Later. As our financing partner, Pay 4 Later makes it possible for you to train now and defer payment until after you are licenced and ready to look for work.

The LGV licence cost can be prohibitive for some people who want to train to be professional drivers but cannot afford it. We understand that. This is why we work so hard to keep the cost of training as low as we possibly can. It is also why we are one of the few training companies in the UK to offer a financing option. If we can help you get your licence and find a job, that’s what we want to do.

The HGVT Training Centre trains professional drivers for most licence categories. We also offer fleet training and periodic CPC training required by current regulations. We encourage you to contact us for more information about the LGV licence cost or to learn about training locations, times, and programme offerings.

More information on LGV licence Costs

Please call our friendly customer support team for the latest discount prices on LGV training. To read more about LGV driving just select from the range of headings below to view some of our other articles.



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