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Are you a young person looking to embark on a lifelong career? Maybe you are an older person who has found yourself in the position of having to start over as a result of redundancy. Or maybe you are someone who is just tired of your current career path and looking for something new. In any case, bus driver or professional PCV Training with the HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre) could be your ticket to an exciting new career as a professional bus or coach driver.

Despite what you may have heard in the past, professional driving is a very lucrative and rewarding career. Commercial driving offers good pay, daily challenges, and the opportunity to meet all sorts of people during your daily travels. It is a great job for anyone who does not like being confined to an office or who is not interested in the tedium of working on an assembly line or doing other similar work.

According to the National Career Service, professional bus and coach drivers possess:

The HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre) cannot help you with the last three items on that list, but we can train you to have excellent driving skills and a working knowledge of traffic regulations. It is what we do best. Our bus driver training will help you become a highly effective career professional more than capable of handling any job you apply for.

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How You Train Is Important

Through decades of experience, we have come to understand that how a driver is trained is just as important as the information he or she learns. The reason is simple: all the knowledge and skill in the world will be useless if a new driver cannot pass the required series of tests necessary to obtain a commercial driving licence. Testing is a reality that cannot be avoided. Therefore, you must be trained in such a way as to maximise your chances of passing your tests the first time they are taken. That is what our bus driver training is all about.

The core of our training philosophy is teaching by way of short, concentrated bursts. This is why we describe our training programme as intensive. Where other trainer providers may prefer a longer and more gradual training approach, we favour a faster and more intensive approach. Why? Because this approach is proven to work.

It is human nature to forget information that you do not have need of either on a regular basis or soon after you learn it. Therefore, prolonged training classes increase the likelihood that students will forget the information learned in the early stages of a class by the time they get to the end. Our intensive training approach changes that. By learning in short, focused bursts, students are better able to:

If you are sceptical that our training approach works, there is no need to be. Our training programmes consistently achieve a first-time pass rate in excess of 90%. By comparison, the average pass rate for the LGV test nationwide hovers around 55%. The numbers are in and they don’t lie: our intensive training approach does work.

What Bus Driver Training Involves

The purpose of bus driver training is twofold. First, all of us who might potentially share the road with you want you to be a safe and responsible driver who will not endanger our safety during the normal course of your workday. Your passengers will expect the same. Bus driver training is designed to make you that safe and responsible driver.

Second, the government needs to know for sure you have what it takes to be a safe and proficient driver before they give you a licence. The only way for them to determine that is to test you. Our training is designed to adequately prepare you for all of your tests. For the record, those tests are:

As you can see, there is quite a bit to deal with in preparing you to take and pass your tests. We train our drivers through a combination of classroom work and time spent behind the wheel of a new-model bus or coach. You will be happy to know that our training is divided into separate modules that can take anywhere from a few days to a full week to master. Along the way, our instructors impart the necessary knowledge and offer any extra help and support students need to learn the material.

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Our Three-Point Focus

By now you might be thinking about the amount of information you need to learn during training is too much to handle. That’s understandable. The requirements for obtaining a PCV licence can seem overwhelming to new drivers. But the bus driver training programme at the HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is designed to make training as easy as possible.

Throughout our years of training, we have developed a very particular method of helping students based on a three-point focus. Those three points are as follows:

Our intensive bus driver training programme is just what you need to embark on a long and successful career as a local bus or regional coach driver. Over the years, we have trained literally thousands of bus drivers now working all across the UK. We can train you as well.

The HGVT Training Services (HGV Training Centre) makes bus driver training convenient through more than four dozen training facilities located around the country. We make it fast by concentrating only on the knowledge and skills you need to pass your tests. Finally, we make it affordable through our Pay 4 Later financing package. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about training to be a professional bus or coach driver.

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