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So, you purchased a brand-new caravan or cargo trailer and now you realise you need an additional entitlement in order to tow legally. You have also heard that the trailer driving test is not as easy as it sounds. We want to assure you that, although the test is challenging, it is very passable with the right kind of training and preparation. There is no need for you to panic over the trailer driving test when you train with us at the HGV Training Centre. We will prepare you by imparting skills, knowledge, and the mental attitude you need to pass.


What new trailer owners need to know is that passing the driving exam is not a simple matter of absorbing a little bit of book knowledge before showing up at the testing centre. In order to pass the test the first time, a driver needs to be able to demonstrate both knowledge and physical abilities. Obtaining the knowledge and ability is something that is only accomplished through preparation and practice. That is what the HGV Training Centre provides.

We also equip our students with proper testing techniques that significantly increase the chances of passing the first time. And make no mistake, technique is very important when taking the trailer driving test. Knowing how to test is just as important as having the knowledge and skills necessary to impress examiners.

Preparing for the Test

We believe the best way to prepare for the trailer towing test is to undergo formal training with a company like ours. Training ensures that the driver knows everything he or she needs to know so that there are no guesses during the test session. Keep in mind that drivers are only allowed a certain number of faults before failing, and guessing is a good way to record unnecessary faults.

Our training approach is based on providing students with short and concentrated bursts of information, and then allowing them to apply that information. This results in a training approach that involves both the classroom and physical practice with an actual tow vehicle and trailer. This concentrated approach takes advantage of short-term memory to improve comprehension, retention, and recall.

We offer three different course options for students:

  1. Five-Day Course – Our five-day course is intended for drivers who have absolutely no experience with a car and trailer. This course covers all of the fundamentals of towing along with the knowledge students will need to pass the vehicle safety question portion of the exam.
  2. Three-Day Course – Some drivers have some experience towing trailers on private property but who have never been formally licenced. This shorter course is ideal for them. It focuses more on classroom knowledge and less on practical driving experience.
  3. One-Day Course – Drivers who take our one-day course are already licenced and experienced. They use this extremely short course just as a refresher from time to time. We highly recommend the one-day option for caravan owners prior to the start of the annual caravanning season.

If you are a new trailer owner, you can be trained and prepared to take the trailer driving test in as little as five days. You will not have to spend month after long month in a cumbersome training programme that teaches you a lot of things that you do not need to know. Just a little bit of your time and a small investment of financial resources is all it takes to get your licence.

The Night Before Your Test

Earlier in this guide we mentioned testing techniques that will increase your chances of passing. Those testing techniques begin the night before your scheduled test. For example, being fully awake and alert at testing time is imperative. You need to be able to concentrate solely on what is happening without any lingering after-effects of a late-night hanging over your head. Therefore, utilise the following tips on the evening before your test:

By making the effort to control how you spend the evening before your test, you will be placing yourself in a better position the following day. The more mentally and physically prepared you are, the greater your chances of pulling off an exceptional performance for the tester.


The Day of Your Test

The day of your test is when the testing techniques you learned in your training course really shine through. To make sure you remember those techniques, the HGV Training Centre will send an instructor with you to the testing facility. You can talk things over while on the road. This is the time to ask any last-minute questions you might have.

Also, keep in mind the following things:

The trailer driving test lasts about an hour under normal conditions. If you can make it through those 60 minutes while maintaining your composure and doing those things you learned in training, you should be okay. You will know right away whether or not you passed. If so, you’ll be ready to tow your brand-new caravan or cargo trailer right away. If not, you can always re-book the test and try again in the future.

The HGV Training Centre offers trailer towing courses at more than four dozen facilities in the UK. We would be happy to sign you up for the next course being held in your area.

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