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Archive for the ‘CPC Certification’ Category

06 Tips Related To Driver CPC Training

Posted on Apr 08, 2021 by seoupxano@gmail.com

Dealing with big vehicles is not an easy task. So, to reduce this risk and help maintain a professional image for the industry, the government introduced the (CPC) Driver Certificate of Professional Competence for bus, coach drivers and lorry drivers. There are several courses available for CPC, all specifically designed to update and maintain the..READ MORE

Staying HGV Compliant with Periodic CPC Training

Posted on Jan 21, 2019 by Prath520

If you’re someone who currently holds a HGV licence, you’ll likely be aware of the fact that since 2008 in the case of coach and bus drivers and 2009 for lorry drivers,  periodic CPC  (Certificate of Professional Competence) training is required every five years in order to retain your ability to drive professionally. For those..READ MORE

CPC Syllabus: What to expect

Posted on Oct 11, 2017 by Prath520

If you’re looking into getting your Driver CPC, you may want to take a look at exactly what’s involved in the training. The CPC syllabus covers everything you might need to know when driving professionally in any capacity, so you become qualified to use the road for a living. Here’s what you’ll be learning, depending on..READ MORE

Check If You Need A Driver CPC To Drive In The UK

Posted on Oct 10, 2017 by Prath520

A Driver CPC (or Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) is a qualification some drivers will need in order to legally do their job. This is something additional to your particular vehicle and licence training. Not all drivers need this, however, so here’s a quick guide if you’re not sure where you stand. Professional drivers If you’re..READ MORE

Driver CPC Training FAQs

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 by Prath520

If you’re considering getting your driver CPC training, or even just wondering what it is and why you might want it, we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.  If you’d like to find out more about driver CPC training or even think about getting signed up, you can also speak..READ MORE

Get Certified Fast With Our INTENSIVE CPC COURSES

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 by Prath520

Every professional driver now operating an HGV or PCV in the UK must meet minimum standards for CPC training. There are very few exceptions. As such, it is in the interests of both independent contractors and transport managers to make sure CPC training is handled in a timely fashion. And when we say ‘timely fashion’,..READ MORE

UK Wide – Low Cost Professional CPC TRAINING COURSES

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 by Prath520

Back in the early 2000s, there was a discussion within the European Union about introducing competency standards for drivers of heavy commercial vehicles. The purpose of the discussion was to determine whether or not a set of standards could be developed that would improve commercial driver safety throughout EU member countries. What began as an..READ MORE


Posted on Jan 31, 2017 by Prath520

The CPC qualification is your ticket to a long and rewarding career as a professional driver in the haulage or transport industries. With CPC training and either an HGV or PCV licence, you have access to an entire world of work opportunities ranging from long haul lorry driving to coach operations. Best of all, your..READ MORE

Driver CPC Certification Training – TOP QUALITY UK WIDE COURSES

Posted on Jan 31, 2017 by Prath520

Business owners and transport managers across the UK want their businesses to succeed to the fullest possible extent. Yet that is only possible when company drivers do whatever it takes to meet company standards and legal requirements. Among the many legal requirements is the regular driver CPC training that every professional is now required to..READ MORE

Why You Need to Be A CPC Qualified Coach Driver

Posted on Jan 30, 2017 by Prath520

Every day, Europe’s coach drivers transport millions of passengers from destination to destination across the continent. Some of those drivers operate exclusively in the UK; others work throughout Europe. Yet all of them have one thing in common: they have been CPC trained and certified according to government regulations. All of them carry a CPC..READ MORE


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