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Getting established in one’s career is never easy. Then again, anything worth having is also worth working for. As a young person looking to start your career, have you considered HGV driving as a choice? Becoming a professional driver opens doors of opportunity that will enable you to earn an excellent living while building a stable future for yourself and your family. All you need to get started is a full car licence, the ability to pass a routine medical exam, and a training partner who will guide you through the process of earning your category C1 or C1+E driving licence. The HGVT (HGV Training Services) Training Centre can be your partner.


Thousands of HGV driving careers start right here every single year. We are one of the largest and best-known training companies in the UK with a reputation for genuinely investing in each and every student. We treat our students as individuals capable of doing great things with the right kind of training behind them. At the HGVT Training Centre, you get more than just a few hours behind the wheel of a lorry. You get:

We take great pride in the training package we offer our students, based on a simple, four-step process that sees the individual through from start to finish. From your initial application through to your practical skills test and CPC certification, we will work side-by-side with you at every step.

Driving Is an Excellent Career

HGV driving is a good career choice for people who do not like being cooped up in an office or warehouse all day. Yes, it is true that there are people who use social media and other online outlets to post negative comments about the haulage and transport industries. But truth be told, there are individuals in every job sector who are dissatisfied with their work. They also happen to be the ones who are most vocal. But for every worker who might be unhappy with his or her career, there are countless others who enjoy a fulfilling, productive and rewarding career.

The vast majority of HGV drivers fit into the second category. They know that driving provides them with an excellent living and offers them a day-to-day routine that includes plenty of challenges and a constantly changing environment. The most important thing to know is that HGV driving, as with any other career choice, will be what you make it. If you are willing to invest in quality training, work hard, and do what is necessary to meet your employer’s expectations, you will do very well as a driver.

Things Drivers Love about Their Jobs

At the HGVT Training Centre, we work with as many veteran drivers as we do new driving candidates. As we talk to our veterans, we have the opportunity to find out just what it is they love about driving. Some of the more common things we hear are:

Of course, HGV driving also opens the door to other careers as one advances. For example, you may earn your C1 licence to begin driving articulated lorries locally or regionally. As you work, you could continue your training to obtain the ADR certificate necessary to transport dangerous goods. Such a certificate would mean more pay for more challenging work.

You could then keep training through organisations such as the Freight Transport Association (FTA) or Road Haulage Association (RHA) to eventually become a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor. You may then finish off your career by spending a few years as an LGV instructor. Just imagine all of the different things you could experience over a 30- or 40-year career.

Your Training Starts Here

HGV driving is truly a great career choice that has a lot to offer. If you believe it is the right career choice for you, your training starts here at the HGVT Training Centre. The first step is to contact us and inquire about our training programmes in your area. Keep in mind that we have more than four-dozen training centres located throughout the UK.

Should you choose to pursue HGV driving after speaking with us, please note that our training package includes:

Your initial training to become a professional driver includes the necessary coursework to earn your Driver CPC certificate. That certificate is good only for five years, so you will want to return to the HGVT (HGV Training Services) Training Centre for your additional 35 hours of training in the future. Our Driver CPC training is approved to meet all of the requirements for the certification.

Your Future Is up to You

Now that you had been presented with a basic overview about becoming an HGV driver, the rest is up to you. A future in HGV driving awaits if you are willing to invest your time in training. Please note that the HGVT (HGV Training Services) Training Centre can complete the training process in a matter of weeks for most students. There is no need to invest in a university programme that takes years to complete and cost tens of thousands of pounds. Rather, getting started today means you could be licenced and ready to look for work in less than three months.

Do not worry about paying for your training, either. First of all, HGV training is just a fraction of what it costs to go to university. Second, we make it easy to pay for your training through our financing partnership with Pay 4 Later. Our financing option lets you train now and defer paying for your training until after you begin working.

The HGVT (HGV Training Services) Training Centre makes it as easy and convenient as possible for you to embark on your HGV driving career. If you are ready to start working on your future, contact us today.

Further Relevant Information

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