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Lorry driving is one of the only growth industries. Being a lorry driver can be a very flexible, lucrative and long-lasting career. Lorry drivers will always be needed because we now live in an age where we expect to be able to get goods from all over the world delivered to our supermarkets or our doors.

Since there’s a deficit in the number of qualified drivers there’s no other industry which is growing as fast as HGV driving (also bear in mind about the upcoming Brixit and the east European driver leaving, creating a lot of vacancies in the UK). The HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is the ultimate learning provider that’s been offering students comprehensive tuition in how to pass the necessary exams for decades.

Bearing that in mind, how do you get to be a lorry driver? Find out this and more in our handy guide the training and the job.


What licence do I need to be a lorry driver?

Getting a lorry driving licence isn’t as simple as switching up to just one category from a car. Instead, you need to work out what weight of lorry you want to drive, and then look at the corresponding licence you need to get. Whatever weight you want to get to, you’ll need to start with a Cat C licence. This is the first step on the ladder to reaching the higher weight limits.

With a Cat C licence you can drive vehicles over 3500kg in weight, and a trailer weighing up to 750kg.  To train for your Cat C you’ll first need a car licence, and you’ll need to be over 18 years of age.  From getting your Cat C, you can train immediately for your Cat C+E licence. This allows you to pull a trailer heavier than 750kg behind your truck.

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Where can I train?

When you train with us, you can choose from over 60 training centres around the country. This means you don’t need to make expensive trips away from home, miss out on seeing your family or take extra time out of your current job to train.  With the time you save on the commute, you can devote extra study time to pass your theory test, using all the resources we have for our students.


What will the course cover?

Your course covers both the theory and practical aspects of your training, and this is identical for both your Cat C and your Cat C+E licence. You’ll get time in state-of-the-art facilities, the like of which you’ll find when you get out on the job, and you’ll be taught by some of the best and most experienced instructors in the country.


Why should I become a lorry driver?

There are constantly jobs available in this field, and not currently enough drivers to fill them. This means that wherever you want to work you are likely to be able to find a job quickly. As well as available jobs, there are also some great perks, such as your HGV Driver salary from £18000 – £35,000 per year for lorry drivers in the UK.


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